23-Year-Old Pakistani Man Ties The Knot With A 65-Year-Old Czech Woman

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Most of you may have heard the expression ‘love is blind,’ but did you know that love does not see age [or, for that matter, borders] either? A 23-year-old Pakistani boy who is a professional painter has found himself falling for a 65-year-old Czech lady. After 3 years of persuasion, the pair are finally in Gujranwala together.

Arena was seen on Facebook by Abdullah from Warpal Chatha, Gujranwala. And he was unable to help but give her a message along with a plea for a friend. He was able to woo her after convincing her to make a phone call, the details of which remain undisclosed.

A Czech woman’s multimedia fairytale ft.

The Czech woman had been trying for a visa for a year, according to their latest interview. Yet she managed to get rejected. Abdullah also applied for a visa from the Czech Republic, but he was also denied. So Abdullah was finally able to meet the love of his life after countless phone calls to the Pakistani embassy in her country.

Now, the couple is finally married and Islam has been embraced by Arena. But the couple have no intention of remaining in the country—they want to travel together to the Czech Republic. As for Abdullah, this is where he will continue his career.

His wife is a well-educated lady who is a former teacher as well. She also helped her husband learn to speak English. She taught a bit of Urdu and Punjabi herself on top of that.

Don’t you trust us? Here, take a look at their interview:


Video Source: Urdu Point

It was easy to persuade his parents, according to Abdullah. His parents are incredibly supportive and full of affection, he said. This is why it was an easy job to convince them to consent to this marriage.

The 23-year-old also announced that he and his new wife are planning on having a lot of children. While we agree that might be unlikely, maybe they’re considering adoption? We wish him and this 65-year-old Czech woman a happy married life ahead of us, anyway.

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