5 Scientifically Proven Sunnah Of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

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Sunnah includes the saying of Allah and doings of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Muslims learn and follow these Sunnah for their success and follow them in every aspect of life. Many scientist have discovered the benefits of Sunnahs after going through many years of researches in the laboratory, which our beloved Prophet PBUH taught us 1400 years ago. Here, we are compiling the list of few Sunnah which have been scientifically proven.

1. Going to Bed Early and Rising Early:

hadith about early sleep and rise
Source: Daily Mail

According to the companions of Prophet Muhammad PBUH, He usually slept early in evening after praying Isha and get up early in the morning. He also disliked conversation after it.

Scientific Proof: Science has proven that the parts of the body are detoxified during the night and for good detoxification, a person should finished his/her work after 9 pm and go for sleep from 11 pm to 5 am.

2. Afternoon Nap:

hadith about nap
Source: Fashion Central

As narrated by Anas Bin Malik in Bukhari: “Umme Salma would spread a leather sheet for the holy Prophet PBUH as used to take a midday nap at her home.”

Some companies now provide ‘nap rooms’ enabling employees to take a nap after lunch. Afternoon naps have shown to built-up some memory functions.

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3. Placing Hand On Mouth While Yawnnig:

hadith about yawn
Source: NBC News

“Whenever you have to yawn, he should restrain it as much as possible with his hand since the devil enters therein.”

Yawning is a common action. However, when a person yawns, germs spread in the air. So, the Prophet says, hand to be placed in front of the mouth when the person yawns.

4. Miswak For Teeth:

hadith about siwak
Source: Gulf News

“siwak pleases Allah. and if I had not thought it to be hard for my followers or other people, I would have ordered them to use miswak for cleaning their teeth for every prayer.”

Research has recognized 19 natural substances that are found within the Miswak that benefit us. It has a number of natural antiseptics that kill harmful microorganisms within the human mouth while tannic acids protect the gums from disease; and some aromatic oils that increase our salivation.

5. Oili ng Hair:

hadith about oiling
Source: Fashion Central

Abu Hurairah has narrated in Abu Dawud and Ibn Majah that the Prophet Peace Be Upon Him said: “You should eat olive oil (Zaytoon) and as it is a blessed tree anoint yourselves with it, whoever has hair should honor it.”

Today, oils and gels are used by young generation to get the same oiled, look and maintaining healthy, beautiful hair.

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