A Saudi ‘Billionaire Businesswoman’ Marries Her Pakistani Driver! Really?

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You must have come across the news of a Saudi businesswoman named Sahoo Bint Abdullah Al Mahboub tying a knot to her Pakistani driver. Speak about destiny! Are you wondering how genuine the news is, too? Let’s explore it.

Social media rounds were made with a video of a couple getting married. The woman in the video, however, is said to be Sahoo Bint Abdullah al-Mahboob, a Saudi Arabian billionaire businesswoman, while the groom is none other than her driver. Not an Arab guide, mind you, but a Pakistani chauffeur of our own.

Sahoo’s net worth is about $8 billion, according to unconfirmed news circulated on social media. Yeah, you read that correctly! Is it destiny or a real-life fairy tale that a billionaire woman had to marry a driver?

In addition to this, gossip has it that the woman also owns several Makkah and Madina hotels and residential properties. As her hotels are close to the holy sites, on a regular basis, she earns a lot from them. Not only that, but we have also found that she also owns estates in other nations, including towers in France. Could you even imagine that? Mindblowing simply!

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The Saudi lady and her driver tied the knot in a simple ceremony because of the rapidly spreading worldwide pandemic, as can be seen in the viral video. Sahoo is one of the wealthiest women in the UAE, according to different websites.

On the other hand, no such information about the Pakistani driver with whom the woman tied the knot are available on the Internet. Moreover, it is not known about his name.

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It must be noted that no information about the Saudi business tycoon are available on the Internet. In reality, no profile of Sahoo Bint Abdullah Al-Mahboob is even revealed in the online search. The peculiar phenomenon makes us wonder if the woman in the woman is really a billionaire.

In Saudi Arabia, the video is equally likely to be of a traditional wedding, with people making up false information and making it viral on social media. Nonetheless, we extend our best wishes and a fun-filled future to the newly married couple!