After Being Harassed By Husband The Young Girl Shoot a Video of Her Suicide

Aisha indian girl who is harrassed by her husband and then committed sucide
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Many tragedies take place everyday, which ended up in taking their lives. Similarly a tragic incident took place in India, a 23-year old young Indian girl Aisha from Ahmadabad shoot a video before committing suicide. The reason for  such a tragic act was the demands of dowry by her husband and in-laws. This news is spreading like a fire on social media condemning the practice of dowry in India.

Aisha narrated the mental trauma in her last minute video she went through because of her husband Arif Khan. After making the video, she committed suicide by jumping into the Sabarmati river on Friday afternoon.

Aisha indian girl who is harrassed by her husband and then committed sucide
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The heartbroken girl emotionally appealed her father in the video to not file a case of domestic violence against her husband. Before jumping into the river she further said that she is

“Giving freedom to Arif”

When the police recovered her body that evening, they initially registered an accidental death report. However, while investigating they found that video message and similarly the police booked her husband for abutment to suicide.

Aisha’s father revealed that Rs1.5 lakh had been given in dowry to Arif on 26 January 2020. In 2019, Aisha’s father lodged FIR against Arif and his parents  for domestic violence. For this purpose Aisha’s in-laws had beaten her severely.

Aisha indian girl who is harrassed by her husband and then committed sucide
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While investigating the case Police also found from Aisha’s call detail records (CDR), that on 25th of February Aisha had a 72-minute conversation with Arif and after that she ended her life by committing suicide. The further investigation of the police states that she also had a five-minute conversation with her parents. In this conversation Aisha’s parents begged her to not take such an extreme step.

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You can see the video which Aisha recorded before committing suicide

According to the investigation done by the police, the 23 year old girl was married to Arif in 2018, who lives in Rajasthan. Her life after the marriage was miserable because she was not only  harassed mentally but physically also by her husband and in-laws over the issue of dowry.

The fire service department swimmers did all the efforts with heart and soul to save her life, but Unfortunately, she passed away before coming to the hospital.

The dispute of the dowry and the death rate from it are increasing numerously. If we want to overcome this issue, our government should ban the custom and tradition of dowry. This would be the main reason of saving lives of many people like Aisha.

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