After two years of marriage, Feroze Khan & Wife Alizey Sultan Also Separated

Feroze Khan Alizey sultan
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Remember how fascinated we were with the pandemic lockdown that turned into a low-key wedding season? Ok, now it looks like it’s going to turn into a divorce. Our favourite celebrity couples seem to be getting divorced, one after the other. After two years of their union, it turns out, Pakistani model turned actor Feroze Khan reportedly parted ways with his wife Alizey.

Heartthrob actor Khan tying knots with Alizey was the showbiz industry’s most talked about wedding, but the couple should have called it quits, according to a recent article.

All over social media, the rumour of the couple separating has created panic, we hope they are not having a divorce. After having shared years of passion, it is deeply painful to see every couple break up.

Feroze Khan Alizey sultan

Several rumours circulating on social media say, according to information, that the couple has split. Some outlets have also revealed that they are no longer living together in addition to this.

As it turns out on Instagram, Khan had un-followed Alizey and her family, which gained some public attention. Alizey subsequently deactivated her account on Instagram. In addition, sources have reported that mounting friction and irreconcilable disagreements are the reason behind their separation.

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Were they calling it quits?

The news is sad rather than shocking, as we’ve always seen Khan love his wife and admire her. The Romeo Weds Heer actor tied the knot with Alizey in 2018. The lovely couple were blessed in 2019 by a baby boy, Mohammad Sultan Khan.

Actually, the couple celebrated their 2nd anniversary at home in March this year. To our dismay, however, Khan and Alizey have decided to call it quits and get a divorce after three years of marriage, according to a local media outlet citing sources.

Feroze Khan Alizey sultan

As of now the duo’s official statement has yet to clarify their marriage situation. Nor have they publicly spoken about it. We truly, truly hope that these are just some gross reports, and soon they’ll shut them down!

Fans, meanwhile, are in a significant state of shock.

Seeing all the couples that tend to set the ‘couple objectives’ for many, calling it quits for good, is truly heartbreaking. While we are waiting for the couple to banish the rumours, we want lots of love and support for the duo during what must be a very difficult time for them as a couple.

Just recently, another celebrity couple, Farhan Saeed the singer, and Urwa Hocane the actress, reportedly ended their three-year-old marriage. Although all the rumours were denied by Hocane’s father, the couple has yet to break silence on the matter.