Aisha Khan, Sarah Khan’s sister, looks stunning at the Walima ceremony.

aisha khan walima
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The famous celebrity siblings are Sarah Khan and Noor Zafar Khan. Because of their acting, both of them have a sizable fan base. The Khan sisters are currently occupied with the wedding of their eldest sister, Aisha Zafar Khan. Images from Ayesha’s nikkah ceremony have recently flooded the internet.

aisha khan walima

Her wedding has now taken place. The wedding was truly a destination wedding, complete with dreamy mountain décor. The wedding took place in Islamabad. Aisha Zafar looks elegant in her reception gown, and her husband looks dashing in his white and black suit.

Akif Ilyas, the bride’s makeup artist, dresses her up for both events. Noor Zafar Khan chose light pastel colours for both events. We are completely smitten by this simple and intimate ceremony. Sarah Khan and Falak Shabbir, the celebrity couple, were the centre of attention at both events. Sarah wears a pink and gold gown to the reception, while Falak wears a blue suit.

Alyana, the adorable little daughter, can be seen in pictures with her parents. Maha’s photography was in charge of the event photography. According to Maha Wajahat’s Instagram stories, all of the other events occurred and were covered by them, but they are not permitted to share all of the photos. As a result, they are sharing a few photos from the wedding events for which they have been given instructions.

aisha khan walima aisha khan walima aisha khan walima

aisha khan walima aisha khan walima aisha khan walima aisha khan walima