Alizeh Shah Minal Khan and other actresses from Pakistan who like western – style clothing and culture

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In drama series, affectation is a part of culture. The drama’s lives and plots are full of creativity and entirely different from real life. Our industry is full of such actresses who in real life are entirely different from what they portray in films or dramas. Let’s look at such great personalities and flexibility in their work.

Hajra Yamin

Hajra Yamin is a well-known actress and model in the showbiz industry in Pakistan. And she is one of the classic actresses who are the best faces for exclusive films and dramas. Her role as Areej in the most popular drama series “Jalan” was recently appreciated by the public. The super stunning model behaved like a pure Asian girl. But she still likes the western culture that can be seen in her images.

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hajra yamin hot hajra yasmeen Hajra Yamin hot Hajra Yamin hot

Minal Khan

Minal Khan’s role in the Nand drama series is pitiful and people feel bad for her when something went wrong with her, the stunning, talented and most beautiful actress of Pakistan’s showbiz industry. In Nand, she works as Ijaza Aslam’s mom. Her social media pictures better clarify how much she is interested in western culture.

aiman minal birthday party minal khan hot minal khan hot

Alizeh Shah

With her beautiful acting and the adorable look she has, Alizeh Shah established a very special place in the industry. She possesses modern thought and is frequently seen in western outfits.

alizeh shah hot alizeh shah hot Alizeh Shah

Ayesha Omar

Ayesha Omar is a really modern girl in western clothes and also feels relaxed. She chooses to spend her life in the West. In Bul-Bulay, she is such an innocent child.

ayesha omar in bikini ayesha omar in bikini ayesha omar in bikini ayesha omar in bikini

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