Alizeh Shah New Hot Clicks With Falak Shabir Gets Criticism on Social Media

Alizeh Shah bold clicks
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Alizeh Shah, the famous and well-known thick-eyed Pakistani actress, needs no introduction. Of course, she is occupied with advancing her profession right now. Alizeh Shah, who was only 22 years old, attained a degree of stardom that several Pakistani senior actresses have yet to accomplish. She used to make videos and post them on social media before she started working in show business, which is how she initially became well-known.

Alizeh Shah bold clicks

On the other hand, when starlet Sarah Khan decided to wed a lowly Pakistani singer, Falak Shabir, his notoriety skyrocketed. Sarah Khan previously spent a considerable amount of time in love with actor Agha Ali. Many people also claim that Sarah and Agha secretly got engaged. No one could understand why the “relationship between the two” suddenly fell apart. The good news is that Agha Ali also wed Hina Altaf, however she still lacks the blessing of having children.

With the drama serial Choti Si Zindagi, Alizeh Shah launched her acting career in 2016. She became well-known in 2018 thanks to her portrayal of Palwasha in the drama series Ishq Tamasha on Hum TV. She also received the Best TV Sensation Award at the 2018 Hum Awards as a result. And in 2019, when she appeared in the drama serial Ehd-e-Wafa with actor Ahad Raza Mir, her performance as Dua broke all previous records.

Alizeh Shah bold clicks

Alizeh Shah is not only a well-known model and heroine in Pakistani movies, but she is also an actress. She portrayed the heroine in the song “Yadaan” by Pakistani musician Falak Shabir a year ago. It appears as though Alizeh Shah and Falak Shabir are in love with one another based on their on-screen chemistry in this song. People remarked on how actress Sarah Khan permitted her husband to record such a scene after hearing the song.

Check out the BTS images of singer Falak Shabir and actress Alizeh Shah below if you’re interested in seeing more.

Alizeh Shah bold clicks Alizeh Shah bold clicks

Alizeh Shah bold clicks Alizeh Shah bold clicks Alizeh Shah bold clicks Alizeh Shah bold clicks Alizeh Shah bold clicks

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