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ASP Syeda Sheherbano’s dedication to her duty and compassion towards both animals and humans exemplify the qualities of an exemplary police officer. Her efforts in saving retired stray dogs and providing them with a shelter demonstrate her empathy and commitment to animal welfare.

Moreover, her bravery in intervening to protect the lady in Lahore from a potentially dangerous situation showcases her commitment to upholding justice and ensuring the safety of all citizens, regardless of their background or beliefs. In a society where such incidents of mob violence can have severe consequences, ASP Sheherbano’s actions serve as a beacon of hope and inspiration.

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Her consistent acts of kindness and courage not only make her a respected figure within the police force but also earn her admiration and gratitude from the public. ASP Sheherbano’s dedication to serving her community and promoting peace and harmony sets a positive example for others to follow.

Now that the intelligent ASP has spared a life from the angry mob, he is being regarded with great admiration. A number of YouTube channels are also inviting ASP to participate in their interviews. The excellent Pakistani ASP’s interviews have also been uploaded by BBC Urdu, Digital Pakistan, and Urdu Point.

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According to ASP Sheherbano, the incident’s specifics were disclosed in the interview with BBC Urdu. Speaking about it, she stated, “At approximately 5:00 p.m., I received an anonymous call stating the location and that a woman was being attacked by a mob for allegedly disrespecting the Quran. She is being attacked.” Our main responsibility at the moment was to save the woman and get her to a safer location. We treat these calls so seriously that we postpone crucial meetings in order to respond to these reports. “She’s doing good, I talked to her last night, and I talked to her in the morning as well,” the ASP stated in reference to the woman. Here is the video link:

She also discussed the event with the anchor of Urdu Point. Regarding the apologies, she stated, “We took action in accordance with the circumstances and ensured the lady’s safety because we felt that her protection was important.”

She also discussed the crucial information regarding the incident with Digital Pakistan, another YouTube channel. Speaking about the specifics, she revealed that they had set up a hijab, asked the throng to settle down, and managed to save the woman. This is the video’s link: