Beastly Man Caught Assaulting A Poor Girl For Work On Video Saying ‘Satisfy Karogi, Tou Job Milegi’

Satisfy Karogi, Tou Job Milegi
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Warning: The Content for this story may be disturbing for some viewers. Viewers discretion is advised.

It is almost difficult not to consider the fact that many men are surrounded by a society that reduces women to sexualized artefacts, which normalizes female colleagues in a less than professional way, just as one would like to ignore this notion. While sacrificing her life, a courageous woman arrested a man accused of luring needy women into illegal relationships.

There are strong problems of entitlement and power and influence, as it happens. These go unchecked more than often and contribute to circumstances in which men believe it is perfectly fine to indulge in this kind of action.

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Putting her life in danger, a woman went on a search with substantial evidence to have a defendant convicted. Apparently this guy picked this woman up from somewhere, and they had a full conversation in the car about why she wanted a job so badly.

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The woman brings all of the reasons forward. She made herself come off insecure to the man who obviously provides some form of a work by disclosing how she has to take care of her mother as well as two children. While explaining how much she wants the job, somewhere aside, the man parks the car and jumps to the back seat.

See how she had him stuck on camera

Warning: The Content for this story may be disturbing for some viewers. Viewers discretion is advised.

The guy attempts to draw her into an immoral relationship by continuing the discussion, and offering the job. The sick man starts jerking off right next to her while telling her that her job will only be to please him. Little did he know that she had everything registered.

What’s more, the next thing we know is that the woman called the police. Police caught him in action in Shahra-e-Faisal and arrested him. A complaint against him has been registered as of now and an investigation is under way.

Abuse of a vulnerable position

These men not only strive to find humiliating and repugnant forms of recapitulating patriarchy by making women insecure and taking advantage of their weakness, but also try to instill fear into women’s minds.

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It is NO NEWS that it is inappropriate for a guy to do such an act anywhere. In addition, encouraging someone to act this way is not the defence of any privilege. A man masturbating right next to a woman is not appropriate, even in the middle of the street. Never. Never. Not here, not in any location.

Such actions are also types of patriarchal violence, in which men exploit and use their status to oppress and frighten women. Not only is it an offence of the rule, but also a showing of dominance by highlighting that women are far from safe for them looking for a job to earn for their families. A shame like that!

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