Bilal Saeed Violently Abusing A Girl & A Boy, Video Goes Viral – What Happened Next?

Bilal Saeed Physically Assaulting A Girl
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On social media, a video is going viral in which singer Bilal Saeed is seen attacking a girl and a child physically. The story behind the incident is here.

The girl and the boy he is attacking in the video are actually Bilal Saeed’s brother and sister-in-law, according to media reports. The scene also features a police squad.

Bilal Saeed Physically Assaulting A Girl

Geo News said the incident occurred inside the Sundar Police Station remits on January 10.

Police said Saeed had moved an application for registration of a FIR against his brother. They added that no case was reported as the matter between the two brothers was settled.

‘I raised my hand to safeguard my family’: Bilal Saeed

Meanwhile, the singer said that to defend his family, he hit the guy and the kid. The comment was made by Saeed in a post on Facebook.

I know how to honour a woman and how to protect a woman as well! To defend my family, I raised my hand. They did this to me when I was away from my home! ”

Bilal Saeed Physically Assaulting A Girl

“And, it’s not about that. For a very long time, I have been a victim of their blackmail and unjust actions. I remained quiet because my career is obviously my focus as an artist, but these people have taken advantage of my situation for a very long time,” Saeed said in the post.

In addition to making some decent music, Saeed has recently been in the limelight for all the wrong reasons.

Earlier, Saba Qamar and Saeed were in hot water filming a music video at a mosque in Lahore. FIRs were, meanwhile, reported against them as well. In addition, Saeed had to tell SORRY publicly about the matter as well.