sex health

Is Sex On Daily Basis Good For Health Or Not?

When we talk about healthy life there are so many things to be discussed. Sex plays a significant role to maintain a healthy life....
Ayesha Ijaz Calligrapher

عائشہ اعجاز دنیا کی تیزترین پاکستان کیلیگرافر

پاکستان سے تعلق رکھنے والی ایک معذور بچی نے پہ ثابت کر دیا ہے کہ معذوری انسان کو کامیاب ہونے سے نہیں روک سکتی ...
miswak seller

Pakistani Policeman Becomes A Hero, Sends A Poor Child ‘Miswak’ Seller To School

A 7 year old boy, Umair Ali lives in the city of Sheikhupura. His job is to sell miswak for help himself and his...

Home Remedies For Period Pain Especially For Young Girls

The menstrual cycle of a female starts from the day she gets her period to that day when her next period commences. During this...

What To Eat During Menstruation?

A period or menstruation is known as the normal vaginal bleeding due to a woman's menstrual cycle. A lot of women experience painful periods,...
sexual tips

Sexual Intercourse Pregnancy Tips: Time, Position, Frequency and Techniques

When your target is to conceive, a couple can do sexual intercourse for more than just any entertainment. You ought to do all the...
Cashmaal thumbnail

How To Create Cashmaal Account & Exchange Any Cryptocurrency To Jazzcash/Easypaisa/Bank Account In Pakistan

Why Cashmaal? Cashmaal is Online Exchanging website by which you can easily exchange your cryptocurrency to Jazzcash/Easypaisa/Bank Account In Pakistan. Here are the benefits you can...
Jazzcash Easypaisa

How To Receive Money Directly Using JazzCash Or EasyPaisa As your Bank Account

Are you facing money transfer issues without Bank Account? Don't Worry! We are sharing simple steps to Receive Money Directly Using JazzCash Or EasyPaisa As...

A Karachi Individual Managing A “Secret Dating Point” Inside A Cafe: Awakening The Authorities

For Pakistan, the word "DATING" considered a very offensive term on the Muslim Society, mainly for the elders, without considering the innocence and status...
cybercrime complaint

How To Register A Cybercrime Complaint In Pakistan, Step By Step Procedure

You know who a cybercrime victim is? If any individual faces any online emotional and sexual harassment or if someone tried to hack your...

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saudi arabia end kafala system

Saudi Arabia to End the Kafala System by 2021

Saudi Arabia is mulling over a brand new contract system directly between the employer and therefore the employee, which is able to replace the...
ماما جی

دھرتی کے ماما جی

کہتے ہیں کہ ملتان کا ایک خواجہ سرا ایک لاہوری پہلوان سےکہیں لڑ پڑا۔ اس لڑائی کے دوران ملتانی خواجہ سرا نے لاہوری پہلوان...
رزق کا یقین

رزق کا یقین اس آرٹیکل کو ضرور پڑھیں

رزق کا یقین ایک دفعہ‌ کا ذکر ہے کہ کسی کرد قبیلے کا ایک شخص بہت مشہور ڈاکو تھا۔جوخود اپنا ایک واقعہ بیان کرتےہوئے بتاتا...
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