Shafqat Mahmood

Twitter Shatters With Shafqat Mahmood After He Finalizes Reopening Of Educational Institutions From 18th...

As of January 18, the federal government has agreed to reopen educational institutions in three phases.
In this fast progressing time, the issue of excess screen time has been growing up rapidly. Parents of today’s age are putting their effort to find the solution of keeping away their children from the screen. The kid of today is addicted to spend much of its time with Screen, that many parents are fed up and are finding solutions to resolve the problem.

How to Reduce Screen Time For Kids? 5 tips Parents should know

Parents of today’s age are putting their effort to find the solution of keeping away their children from the screen.

Student Guns Down Professor in 8th Class For Granting Him ‘Bad Marks’ In English

A student shot dead a 35-year-old working as an English teacher in one of Saudi Arabia's schools in a very appalling case.
Mujra in Sindh School

Video: Sindh’s educational institutions closed but complete arrangement of Mujra in the school

Educational institutions for the prevention of corona virus are closed, but Iram Azeem Farooqi revealed what is being done in the Sindh educational institutions.
A Gardener Safdar

Meet Safdar – The Boy Who Earns ‘Halal’ As A Gardener Despite Of Inability...

It is really an inspiration that a disable person Safdar has been struggling hard to make a decent living bravely despite many challenges.
Quaid e azam

6 Surprising facts about Quaid-e-Azam & Our Day of Independence

Some of these dates also have links with the Quaid-e-Azam’s life. According to Dr. Safdar Mehmood, these relations are not mere coincidence, they have insightful actuality.
quaid e azam exceptional photos

The most exceptional photos of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah is one of the few leaders of the world who have played momentous and palpable role in the history of the world

Announcement of Closure Of Education Institutions in Pakistan & Now Twitter Calls Shafqat Mahmood...

The meeting has decided to close all the educational institutions from November 26 (Thursday) owing to the upwelling coronavirus cases.
university of sarghoda discusses girl's body

University Of Sargodha Urdu Book discusses adultery about A Girl’s Body

Academic syllabus in Pakistan have remained a conundrum for a protracted. At times, you stumble upon a text that leaves you absolutely shocked, thinking, "how...
peshawar school function

پشاور کے سرکاری اسکول میں رقص کی محفل، ویڈیو وائرل ہو گئی

پشاور، قلعہ چندن کے سرکاری اسکول میں محفلِ رقص کی وجہ سے ڈی ای او نے ہیڈماسٹر اور چوکیدار کو معطل کر دیا۔ یکم نومبر...

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