Jazzcash Easypaisa

How To Receive Money Directly Using JazzCash Or EasyPaisa As your Bank Account

Are you facing money transfer issues without Bank Account? Don't Worry! We are sharing simple steps to Receive Money Directly Using JazzCash Or EasyPaisa As...

A Karachi Individual Managing A “Secret Dating Point” Inside A Cafe: Awakening The Authorities

For Pakistan, the word "DATING" considered a very offensive term on the Muslim Society, mainly for the elders, without considering the innocence and status...
cybercrime complaint

How To Register A Cybercrime Complaint In Pakistan, Step By Step Procedure

You know who a cybercrime victim is? If any individual faces any online emotional and sexual harassment or if someone tried to hack your...
laws of harassment

9 Laws of Harassment that Protect Women in Public & Work Places

Every Women Must know these 9 Harassment Laws Pakistani women rank the lowest in the index of gender equality. They are put through situations like...

10 Things A Man Needs To Know About Periods

A majority of the population get really awkward when the topic of periods is discussed. Periods by definition is a natural process that takes...

Suffering a Miscarriage? Miscarriage Causes and Prevention

What is Miscarriage? Causes & Prevention Once you have suffered a miscarriage, it does not mean that you have fertility problems. Or you may not...

How to Prepare Your Body for Pregnancy

If you want to get pregnant, there are specific changes that should be made in your lifestyle and manners of approaching your partner dramatically...
get pregnant

Top Ways To Get Pregnant Fast & Easy

Are you trying to conceive but have not been successful yet then don't worry as we bring you some great tips from Ann Douglas,...
Female Sexual Problems

Self-Care Techniques For Female Sexual Problems

Medical treatment is not always the solution to deal with your sexual issues. Sometimes, your problems can be solved merely with a bit openness...
matrciresult2020 featured

‘Kitne Marks Aye’ – Matric Students Share Hilarious Memes On Results Day In Pakistan

All the nine Boards of Intermediate & Secondary Education (BISEs) in Punjab declared the Secondary School Certificate (Matriculation) result today, on Saturday.

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hania amir and asim azhar

Watch! How The Fans Praise Unbothered Queen Hania Amir For Enjoying Asim Azhar’s Concert

A video is rapidly circulating on social media in which the Janaan star can be seen dancing and singing at Asim Azhar’s concert...
احمد شاہ

ماہرہ خان نے میرے لئے لڑکی کا انتخاب کر لیا ہے۔۔۔ مشہور و معروف،...

احمد کے والد اور انکی والدہ کہتے ہیں کہ بچوں کو چاہیئے کہ اپنے والدین کی عزت کریں،ان کا احترام کریں اور ان کا کہا ہمیشہ مانیں...
Shahveer Jafry And Ayesha Baig

Honeymoon Pictures Of Shahveer Jafry And Ayesha Baig From Maldives

Shahveer and Ayesha posted their awesome pictures and videos from Maldive's getaway, leaving fans in wonder...
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