Dananeer Mobeen

Viral Girl Dananeer Mobeen Singing Song In her Beautiful Voice

Dananeer Mobeen is a lovely Pakistani girl who went viral after making a sarcastic remark about the elite class in a video. The video's...
pawri horahi hai

Video: Pawri Girl Once Again Wins Hearts With Her Singing Beauty Voice

A new video clip is back with the viral pawri girl Dananeer Mobeen, who has become the talk of the town. She seems to have won...
Nadia Khan Met her husband Faisal Mumtaz Rao

How Nadia Khan Met her husband Faisal Mumtaz Rao – Watch Amazing Video

In a video, Nadia Khan discloses how she met her husband, Faisal Mumtaz Rao. And she also posted this video to her YouTube channel with...
Professor Shoos Wife Away Kissing

Romance Gone Wrong Viral Video – Professor Wife tries To Kiss Him During Zoom...

A woman leaned in to kiss her off guard husband in a very hysterically funny video making social media rounds. It turned out that...
Pawri Horahi Hai

Who is this girl behind the viral video ‘Pawri Horahi Hai’ & Why are...

A cute girl video going viral on social media in which girl saying "Pawri Horahi Hai" - Part ho rahi hai & Pakistani goes crazy!! Check memes
Saba Qamar video with Niece

Saba Qamar Shares cute video with her Niece who looks like her sister

Pakistani actress and model Saba Qamar went viral with her niece for the first time on social media. Seeing the two aunts and nieces...
shoaib akhtar slams psl6 anthem

Shoaib Akhtar slams PSL6 anthem, Saying that he could have sung it better

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) for Pakistan Super League (PSL) 6 Anthem Groove Mera was slammed by Shoaib Akhtar, saying that...
Groove mera psl6 anthem

‘Groove Mera’ PSL6 Anthem has everyone buzzing

Finally, the much-anticipated anthem of season six of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) featuring Aima Baig, Naseebo Lal and Young...
Pakistani Couple Got Nikkahfied Over Video Call

New Online Wedding Trend – Pakistani couple got Nikkahfied on a video call!

As for this pair, this couple found a creative way to get married during the travel restrictions in the middle of the lockdown.

‘Psychopaths’ involved in organizing Bloody Dog Fights Exposed- Will they be arrested by Punjab...

Cruel humans entertained themselves and gambled over a bloody dog fight in Pakistan. Authorities unable to implement laws...

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رمضان کا مہینہ رحمتوں اور برکتوں والا مہینہ ہے، جدید سائنس کی ریسرچز بھی اس بات کو مانتی ہے کہ اس ایک مہینے میں روزے رکھنے سے انسانی جسم پر۔۔۔
shehzeen rahat marriage

Khaani Actress Shehzeen Rahat Is Getting Married, See Beautiful Pictures

Shehzeen Rahat, a Pakistani actress and model, shares the happy news with her fans by posting pictures from her wedding. Her future husband...
Farah Yousaf Iqrar ul hassan

Iqrar Ul Hassan’s Wife and In-Laws in Beautiful Family Photos

Some beautiful photos of Iqrar-ul-Hassan with his second wife Farah Yousaf and father-in-law have gone viral on social media. These three are...
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