Talented Husband Sialkot

In Sialkot, three wives of a ‘talented husband’ are looking for a fourth wife.

Punjab, a resident of Sialkot, was married three times at the age of just 22. The husband lives in the same home, along with three of his wives. And now they're searching for their husband's fourth bride.
sania mirza shoaib malik izhaan

Sania Mirza, a “Proud Mumma” as her son Izhaan now recites Islamic Dua’s

Sania Mirza has shared a video of her son Izhaan Mirza Malik on Instagram which may be seen and heard, she is reminding her son of Islamic prayers and also taking note of her innocent son.
master tiles and jalal sons wedding photos

200 Crore? FBR Asks Master Tiles To Explain The Big Fat Wedding. YE TO...

On Monday, The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) asked Master Tiles to justify the expenditures incurred at the biggest wedding.
Master Tiles and Jalal Sons Wedding

Beautiful Pictures and videos of Master Tiles and Jalal Sons Big Fat Wedding

The wedding of owner of Master Tiles daughter Unzila Mehmood is the topic of coffee table conversation now a days. Master Tiles and Jalal Sons wedding was certainly one of the most biggest event of 2020.

Viral Video of Famous Turkish chef Burak trolls India, says ‘tea is fantastic’

Renowned Turkish chef Burak Özdemir has trolled India by quoting the enduring line of Indian pilot Abhinandan Varthaman that “the tea is fantastic” in...

What Color Is Your Aura? Let’s Find out.

The word Aura is mainly used in spiritual beliefs in which means as part of hidden anatomy that reflects the state of being of...

PTA has Unblocked TikTok after 9 days of Banning.

There is good news for TikTokers in the country. After the company guaranteed to block all the accounts involved in spreading "immorality and indecency,"...
Jannat Mirza Tiktoker

جنت مرزا ٹک ٹاک کی پابندی کے خلاف بول اٹھی اور پابندی کا توڑ...

ویڈیو اور میوزک ایپ ٹک ٹاک پر پورے ملک میں پابندی کے بعد ٹک ٹاک کی مشہور اسٹار جنت مرزا نے ایک دوسری ایپ...
tiktok banned

Funny Memes & Reactions to the Tik Tok Ban In Pakistan

The debate that was otherwise never going to end has finally ended now. And Tiktok has eventually been banned. The app owners could not...
daraz.pk exposed

Young Vlogger Exposed Daraz.pk Fraud On Camera

In this expeditious and every day changing period of life science and technology served much more to the mankind among which the trend of...

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‘Ye Wala Confidence Chahiye’- “Neray Aaa Zaalima way” Man Dance Goes Viral On Social...

A big part of our society has been the wedding dance. Go to any wedding today, and there you will find a stage for dancing.
Arfa Karim

Remembering The Youngest Tech Hero Of Pakistan Arfa Karim!

Arfa Karim proved that Pakistani girls are equally talented and have the potential just like many boys do and...
hairfall problems and solutions

کیا آپ جانتے ہیں کہ پیاز صحت کے ساتھ ساتھ بالوں کے لیے بھی...

یاز اللہ کی عطا کردہ نعمتوں میں سے ایک بہترین نعمت ہے مگر اس کی تیز بو عام طور پر لوگوں کے لیے ناپسندیدہ ہوتی ہے اور۔۔۔
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