Nadia Khan daughter

Nadia Khan Shared Her Daughter’s Weight Loss Journey

In Nadia Khan's latest video on OutStyle, a Youtube channel. In the video, her daughter Alizey can be seen with Nadia. Nadia Khan shared...

لذیز اور من پسند ہری چٹنی کے حیران کن فوائد، جو وزن کم کرنے...

مٹاپا ایک بیماری ہے اسی لیے اکثر لوگ اپنے زیادہ وزن ہونے کی وجہ سے بہت پریشان رہتے ہیں۔ اپنی ڈایئٹ کا خیال رکھنے کے باوجود ان کے وزن میں۔۔۔
weight loss

How I Lost 60Kg Weight By Exercising, Walking and Eating Healthy | Change Your...

When I was only 17-year-old, I weighed 115 kg. I was bullied in school due to my weight. I was alone and had only...
Anoushay Abbasi

The Weight Loss Journey of Anoushay Abbasi which stunned everyone

Anoushay Abbasi a name which needs no introduction,she has served a lot more to the industry with her tremendous acting skills, she has make...

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روزے میں وزن گھٹانے اور فٹنس کے بہترین طریقے، آیئے جانتے ہیں اس پوسٹ...

رمضان کا مہینہ رحمتوں اور برکتوں والا مہینہ ہے، جدید سائنس کی ریسرچز بھی اس بات کو مانتی ہے کہ اس ایک مہینے میں روزے رکھنے سے انسانی جسم پر۔۔۔
shehzeen rahat marriage

Khaani Actress Shehzeen Rahat Is Getting Married, See Beautiful Pictures

Shehzeen Rahat, a Pakistani actress and model, shares the happy news with her fans by posting pictures from her wedding. Her future husband...
Farah Yousaf Iqrar ul hassan

Iqrar Ul Hassan’s Wife and In-Laws in Beautiful Family Photos

Some beautiful photos of Iqrar-ul-Hassan with his second wife Farah Yousaf and father-in-law have gone viral on social media. These three are...
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