Sugar-Free Mangoes

Great News For All Diabetics! Now Pakistan Is Producing Sugar-Free Mangoes.

A Pakistani expert has produced three varieties of sugar-free mangoes for diabetics at a private farm in Sindh's Tando Allahyar, with sugar...
mufti Qavi

Leaked Video Of Abdul Qavi Shocks Pakistanis – Goes Viral On Social Media!

Abdul Qavi, a so-called cleric who is constantly involved in controversy, has gotten himself into trouble once more. He may be seen totally naked...
Actor Nadia Jamil

Actor Nadia Jamil Is Officially Cancer Free, Alhamdulilah

Nadia Jamil, a veteran actor, has triumphed against cancer and announced the good news to her admirers today. Jamil had been documenting...
brothers story

Look! How Man Surprises His Elder Brother With New Car Who Sold His Own...

A video of a brother who astonishes his big brother by presenting him a car went viral on the internet a few days ago and on the moment...
Mufti Aziz-Ur-Rehman abusing

Watch: JUI-F’s Mufti Aziz-Ur-Rehman Abusing and harassing Adult Student In Madrasa Is Exposed In...

Mufti Aziz-Ur-Rehman, a Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam JUI-F leader and administrator of a Lahore-based seminary, has been caught red-handed...

A Fifty Years Old Man ties the knot with A Young Girl and becomes...

akistani people alleged that he is a famous religious scholar’s brother who got married to a young girl who is half of his age. The news about him...

In Pakistan, a new chicken disease is spreading, lowering prices.

The disease is spreading quickly among farmed hens, according to CAP Chairman, and a substantial number of poultry farms around...
Covid Vaccine

Stop spreading False News That ‘vaccinated people will perish in two years’ – It’s...

A WhatsApp message circulating on the internet claims that French virologist and Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier has stated that “all...
Amazon To Add Pakistan

Finally, Amazon To Add Pakistan To Its Sellers List & People Now Demand PayPal...

The Prime Minister's Commerce and Investment Adviser, said on Thursday that Pakistan will be added to Amazon's sellers list within...
aamir liaquat dance video reaction

Public Reaction to Aamir Liaquat’s New Ramadan Transmission Dance Video

Unfortunately, Aamir Liaquat is once again facing harsh criticism after a new video of him singing an Indian song called "Laila Mai Laila"...

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Hira Mani viral video

Hira Mani finds herself in hot water after her viral video.

Hira Mani was recently spotted in Texas, America, on vacation with her husband and sons. Hira Mani recently posted a video of herself filling...
toffee women

The News Reporter compared Uncovered women to an Unwrapped Toffee

A reporter of PNN compared the women with an unwrapped toffee, he was holding a wrapped and an unwrapped toffee in his hands...
Toxic Relationship

TV Host Anoushey Ashraf advised people for Toxic Relationships

Anoushey Ashraf was asked about a current relationship she uploaded a pic with her puppy with the caption stating “in a relationship since last year” and she also called it love at first sight.
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