reaction of pakistani celebrities on sialkot incident

Objection Of Pakistani Celebrities towards Sialkot Incident

It was said by District Police Officer Omar Saeed Malik that the factory workers had beaten severely the Sri Lankan citizen to death...
jalal sons and master tiles wedding

Dance of Turkish gymnast guests at the Wedding of Master Tiles & Jalal Sons

Unzila Weds Jalal Sons owner’s son. Both of them threw massive and lavish functions. Many celebrities were also seen attending these events that have now become one of the trending topics of social media.
Allama Iqbal New Sculpture

Allama Iqbal New Sculpture Has Become A Talk Of The Town

A new statue of him was recently installed at Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park in Lahore. The strange creative work has now become the town's talk...

نویں جماعت کے کم عمر طالبعلم نے ایک عظیم کارنامہ انجام دے کر قوم...

یہ کہانی ہونہار نبیل کی ہے جو ابھی محض 9 نویں جماعت کا طالب علم ہےاور اس نے دنیا کی معروف ترین موبائل فون ایپلیکیشن بنائی ہے جو کہ واٹس ایپ۔۔۔
mufti Qavi

Leaked Video Of Abdul Qavi Shocks Pakistanis – Goes Viral On Social Media!

Abdul Qavi, a so-called cleric who is constantly involved in controversy, has gotten himself into trouble once more. He may be seen totally naked...
Talented Husband Sialkot

In Sialkot, three wives of a ‘talented husband’ are looking for a fourth wife.

Punjab, a resident of Sialkot, was married three times at the age of just 22. The husband lives in the same home, along with three of his wives. And now they're searching for their husband's fourth bride.
Jemima Goldsmith

Backtalk of Jemima Goldsmith on PM Imran Khan Rape Reviews

Jemima Goldsmith called out PM Imran Khan for his views on rape apologists. His reviews were brief but she took to the tweeter and retweeted her old tweet with “And again, sigh”.
waleed khan APS Peshawar

Waleed Khan, APS Peshawar Survivor Elected As A Member Of British Youth Parliament

Waleed Khan was just 12 years old when his school in Peshawar was targeted by six gunmen. APS Peshawar Story ...
حریم شاہ نے شیخ رشید کو فون کیا

بکواس بند کریں اور ۔۔ معروف اداکارہ حریم شاہ نے جب شیخ رشید...

حریم شاہ کو تابش ہاشمی نے اپنے پروگرام میں شرکت کے لیے کہا تھا اور جس کا ٹیزر حریم شاہ نے اپنے انسٹا گرام پر بھی نشر کیا...
farhan Urwa Separation news

Mawra’s Father Breaks Silence Over Daughter’s Rumored Separation From Farhan Saeed

Urwa's father refuted the news in today's interview with a private TV station. He said that Farhan Saeed was living happily with his daughter.

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Mariyam Nafees in pti jalsa (1)

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