Hug Marriyum Aurangzeb

Aik Tasveer Baji! After she agrees to pose for a photo, Man tries to...

The guy literally went from "Please take a picture with me, Baaji," to pulling off this stupid stunt that certainly didn't see anything coming from Marriyum Aurangzeb.
gift of gun in wedding

ساس نے داماد کو کلاشنکوف کا تحفہ دے دیا اور ویڈیو سوشل میڈیا پر...

شادی کی تقریب میں دلہن کی ماں یعنی لڑکے کی ساس اپنے ہونے والے داماد کو خود کار اسلحہ یعنی کلاشنکوف کا تحفہ پیش کررہی ہیں۔
A Gardener Safdar

Meet Safdar – The Boy Who Earns ‘Halal’ As A Gardener Despite Of Inability...

It is really an inspiration that a disable person Safdar has been struggling hard to make a decent living bravely despite many challenges.
Army Major Generals Lieutenant General Rank

Well Deserved! Asif Ghafoor Promoted To Lieutenant General Rank Along 6 Army Major Generals

In a statement on Wednesday, six major generals of the Pakistan Army were promoted to the rank of lieutenant general, Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) said.
beautician gang raped

Shocking! Beautician Gang-Raped after being called over for makeup by 4 men in Lahore

Another horrific case of gang rape came from a female beautician who was called to a house and reportedly gang-raped in Lahore by four beastly men.
urwa hocane farhan saeed

Finally! Urwa Hocane And Farhan Saeed Got Separated

Farhan Saeed and Urwa Hocane, one of Pakistan's most beloved celebrity couples, have reportedly separated paths with mutual understanding.
pslash fraud

Pslash fraud!! Online Advertising Company Runaway taking Millions of Money from people

Absolutely Bad news for Pslash members. Pslash Company is running from 4 to 5 months giving a hige amount of profit to poor people.
Actress Meera naked back

Tauba Tauba! Meera On The Bed With Naked Back Latest Instagram Picture Shocked People

She posted a photo recently in which she appears to be sleeping in her room, and it seems as though she had a chocolate cake in her bed with a hot cup of coffee and a bouquet of roses.

Announcement of Closure Of Education Institutions in Pakistan & Now Twitter Calls Shafqat Mahmood...

The meeting has decided to close all the educational institutions from November 26 (Thursday) owing to the upwelling coronavirus cases.

The fatalities situation of the Kashmore Incident

One more grisly incident happened in the province of Sindh, a women from Karachi and her daughter were purportedly raped by a gang in the Kashmore area.

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Feroze Khan Alizey sultan

After two years of marriage, Feroze Khan & Wife Alizey Sultan Also Separated

All over social media, the rumour of the couple separating has created panic, we hope they are not having a divorce.
minal khan

Noor Calls Out Minal Khan With Intimate Pictures Before Nikkah For ‘Misleading The Youth’

Minal was called out by former Lollywood actress Noor Bukhari for spreading indecency and obscenity.

کیا شوگر کا مریض گُڑ کھا سکتا ہے؟ایک ایسا جواب جو جاننے کیلیے ہیں...

شوگر کے مرض میں مبتلا افراد کا میٹھی چیزیں کھانے کا زیادہ دل کرتا ہے مگر ڈاکٹر چینی کے استعمال سے سختی سے منع کرتے ہیں کیونکہ اس
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