hoorain amjad sabir

Hoorain, Daughter Of Late Amjad Sabri Grown Up Now & Viral On Tiktok

Amjad Sabri’s (LATE) daughter Hoorain, as we remember is a little cute kid, is grown up now. Her Videos on tiktok gone viral since...

Pakistani News Anchor Getting Bellowed For Wearing ‘Exposed’ Outfit On TV

In a community as poisonous as ours, the prevalent narratives inform girls ‘to not get sexually assaulted’ as a substitute of telling males ‘to...
nimra drama

نمرہ کیوں رو پڑی؟ سستی شہرت حاصل کرنے لے لیے یہ سب بھی کیا...

یہ سب حرکتیں کرنے کے بعد مگرمچھ کے آنسو بہا کر ریٹنگ بڑھانے کے چکر میں ہے. اب یہ سب بہت ہوگیا۔ ایک موٹی لڑکی نے بھی مویشی منڈی والی وڈیو بنوا کر اپنی مشہوری کروائی تھی جو، اب برانڈنگ کرکے نوٹ چھاپ رہی ہے۔

Now Pakistanis Think Nimra Ali Is Irritating: Tagging Her As ‘Overacting Ki Dukaan’

Our Pakistan's popular internet star Nimra Ali won the hearts of audience all across the country with her enthusiastic energy. She made it to...
hot girl

Talent Agency Reported For Objectifying Young Girl While Audition

A female, who can easily be predicted to be 10 year in age, evidently, came to this agency to participate in an audition.

Are You Aware About The 6 Pakistani Stars Who Had An Arranged Wedding?

In Pakistan, arrange marriage is still in these times considered a valuable entitlement  that elders tie their sons and daughters. There is a myth...

Oh My God! Look at The Age difference between these Celebrity Couples!

It is very rare that someone gets married to a person who is much older. But when it comes to the Pakistani celebrities it...
Fligths from India

Saudi Arabia Bans Flights Arriving From India

The past restrictions on travel for Pakistan have been lifted by the government of Saudi Arabia, as the Coronavirus outbreak have been controlled by...
Nida Yasir Morning Show

Five Awkward Events That make Nida Yasir’s Show Ban Worthy!

Our famous morning host of ARY show, Nida Yasir, has proven to be a controversial figure in the industry multiple times. Nida Yasir started...
aima featured

OMG Finally!! Aima Baig Lastly Confirms Her Relationship With Shahbaz Shigri

Some of the rumored {couples} of the Pakistani movie business, singer Aima Baig and the famous actor Shahbaz Shigri, has been the hot topic of discussion...

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PTA has Unblocked TikTok after 9 days of Banning.

There is good news for TikTokers in the country. After the company guaranteed to block all the accounts involved in spreading "immorality and indecency,"...

Hafeez Center Lahore burns to Ashes

Hafeez Center Lahore, Pakistan’s most biggest & one of Asia biggest Mobile Phones market, caught fire earlier morning today. It is claimed that due to...

Pakistan has became the world’s “Second Muslim Country” that is producing heart stents locally

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday inaugurated the N-Ovative Health Technology Facility at the National University of Science and Technology (NUST). Furthermore, the facility would...