Mistakenly, Indian Stock Exchange Tweets ‘Pornographic Images’ of an Actress Making the Internet Go...

Looks like the Indian NSE's social media manager posted the wrong tweet on the wrong handle when Roy...
Turkish actor Celal Al

Turkish actor ‘Celal Al’ at an event with Pakistani celebrities last night

Turkish actor Celal Al was recently spotted enjoying dinner with many popular celebrities from Pakistan...
rat in shawarma

Lahore: Family Shocked after finding ‘Dead Rat’ in Shawarma – Video Goes Viral

In Lahore, a family was left shocked and disgusted when a dead rat was found inside a shawarma sandwich. A video of...
pakistan blackout no electricity

All across Pakistan, Massive Power Outage hits, May take several hours to restore.

Right now, almost the entire nation is without electricity, mainly because of a 220KV line trip in Balochistan that triggered...
pakistan blackout

پورے ملک میں بجلی کا بریک ڈاؤن کیوں ہوا؟ وجہ سامنے آگئی

اسلام آباد سمیت پورے ملک میں بجلی کا بڑا بریک ڈاؤن ہونے کی وجہ سے ہر طرف اندھیرا چھاگیا ہے۔ نیشنل ٹرانسمیشن اینڈ ڈسپیچ کمپنی۔۔۔
hazara people

Dear PM, You have time to meet the founding team of Ertugrul, but not...

On Thursday, Prime Minister Imran Khan met the founding team of Ertugrul, the popular Turkish drama series. Meanwhile, the families of coal miners...
Hazaras people

‘Don’t Blackmail PM by demanding a visit to Quetta. Bury The Bodies’-Imran Khan Tells...

On Friday, Prime Minister Imran Khan again appealed to the Hazara group to bury those killed in the attack in the Mach region of Balochistan.
kashif zameer

Engin just cancelled Kashif Zameer’s $1 million contract & Here’s Why

As it turns out, Engin officially withdrew from the agreement with a private company owned by a businessman based in Sialkot.

‘He Tore My Clothes In Public’, Helpless Woman Brutally Tortured by Her ‘Behnoi’ Seeks...

A victim of such abuse at the hands of her brother in law pleads for justice in a recent video which has appeared on social media since December.
Nadia Khan Wedding Album

Nadia Khan Complete Wedding Album – Beautiful Pictures and Video With her Children

On the internet, beautiful photos of Nadia Khan kids attending a near family wedding are going viral with their son and their daughter.

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‘Ye Wala Confidence Chahiye’- “Neray Aaa Zaalima way” Man Dance Goes Viral On Social...

A big part of our society has been the wedding dance. Go to any wedding today, and there you will find a stage for dancing.
Arfa Karim

Remembering The Youngest Tech Hero Of Pakistan Arfa Karim!

Arfa Karim proved that Pakistani girls are equally talented and have the potential just like many boys do and...
hairfall problems and solutions

کیا آپ جانتے ہیں کہ پیاز صحت کے ساتھ ساتھ بالوں کے لیے بھی...

یاز اللہ کی عطا کردہ نعمتوں میں سے ایک بہترین نعمت ہے مگر اس کی تیز بو عام طور پر لوگوں کے لیے ناپسندیدہ ہوتی ہے اور۔۔۔
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