asad umar covid 19

Asad Umar warns of Second Spike of Covid 19 and and Government restrictions

Minister of planning Asad Umar,has warned the public on Thursday that national positivity of Covid 19 cases was e at 2.37% on Wednesday, which...
tiktok banned

Funny Memes & Reactions to the Tik Tok Ban In Pakistan

The debate that was otherwise never going to end has finally ended now. And Tiktok has eventually been banned. The app owners could not... exposed

Young Vlogger Exposed Fraud On Camera

In this expeditious and every day changing period of life science and technology served much more to the mankind among which the trend of...
Safa & Marwa

Doctors Separated Conjoined Pakistani Twin Girls. The Unbelievable and Heart touching Story Of Safa...

Every next moment in our life comes with so many challenges as well as so many miracles also.Today i have my put my pen...
Eman Suleman Featured

Eman Suleman In Hot Waters For Sharing Bold Honey Moon Pictures

Every one knows and loves Eman Suleman for her beauty and boldness. But all hail to the haters who have criticize no matter what. The...
Insha Afsar

Inspirational Insha Afsar – Pakistan’s Paralympic skier Who Lost Her Leg in Earthquake 2005

In the age of today where everything is changing in one stroke there are many incidents that happened daily, among which the most disastrous...
iqra aziz

Is Iqra Aziz Really Leaving Acting & Changing her career?

While scrolling through my news feed, I stumbled upon some exciting news About Iqra Aziz. I opened up to read it since I like...
Punjab Rozgar Scheme

How To Apply For Punjab Rozgar Scheme Ever 2020! Apply Here!

It is being called The biggest-ever employment program that the Punjab province has ever rolled out to help its skilled and educated youth to...
Ayesha Ijaz Calligrapher

عائشہ اعجاز دنیا کی تیزترین پاکستان کیلیگرافر

پاکستان سے تعلق رکھنے والی ایک معذور بچی نے پہ ثابت کر دیا ہے کہ معذوری انسان کو کامیاب ہونے سے نہیں روک سکتی ...
Asim Bajwa

Retired General Asim Bajwa & His Family Beautiful Pictures

Asim Bajwa also well known as one of the honest people of former Chief of Army Satff Gen. Raheel Sharif. See beautiful Pictures!

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PTA has Unblocked TikTok after 9 days of Banning.

There is good news for TikTokers in the country. After the company guaranteed to block all the accounts involved in spreading "immorality and indecency,"...

Hafeez Center Lahore burns to Ashes

Hafeez Center Lahore, Pakistan’s most biggest & one of Asia biggest Mobile Phones market, caught fire earlier morning today. It is claimed that due to...

Pakistan has became the world’s “Second Muslim Country” that is producing heart stents locally

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday inaugurated the N-Ovative Health Technology Facility at the National University of Science and Technology (NUST). Furthermore, the facility would...