Viral Video of Famous Turkish chef Burak trolls India, says ‘tea is fantastic’

Renowned Turkish chef Burak Özdemir has trolled India by quoting the enduring line of Indian pilot Abhinandan Varthaman that “the tea is fantastic” in...
turkish chef ozdemir

Pictures Of Turkish Chef Burak Ozdemir In Traditional Pakistani Attire, Make Your Day!

Being a social media star in no time has become a trend nowadays. Famous Turkish chef and social media star Burak Ozdemir is landed...
New Turkish Restaurant in Pakistan

Turkish Chef CZN Burak finally to open Turkish Restaurant in Pakistan

To strengthen and exercise his cooking skills internationally the renowned chef CZN Burak with up to 467,000 followers on twitter and extreme number of...
healthy breakfast recipe

Five Healthy Breakfast Recipes You Must Know

Breakfast is the most essential meal in the whole day. A person feels very productive for the whole day because breakfast provides important nutrition which is stored in our body. Here are some Healthy recipes you should know.

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Hira Mani viral video

Hira Mani finds herself in hot water after her viral video.

Hira Mani was recently spotted in Texas, America, on vacation with her husband and sons. Hira Mani recently posted a video of herself filling...
toffee women

The News Reporter compared Uncovered women to an Unwrapped Toffee

A reporter of PNN compared the women with an unwrapped toffee, he was holding a wrapped and an unwrapped toffee in his hands...
Toxic Relationship

TV Host Anoushey Ashraf advised people for Toxic Relationships

Anoushey Ashraf was asked about a current relationship she uploaded a pic with her puppy with the caption stating “in a relationship since last year” and she also called it love at first sight.
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