Hanish Qureshi, Daughter of Faysal Qureshi

Hanish Qureshi, Daughter of Faysal Qureshi Latest Beautiful Pictures

Faysal Qureshi has spent more than 25 years in the Pakistani showbiz industry. He has dozens of great plays and almost as many films....
Arshad Khan and Ahmed Shah in nida yasir show

King of Social Media Arshad Khan And Ahmed Shah on Nida Yasir’s Good Morning...

Social media is a weird platform it can make you star overnight. There are many people who have gained fame on social media as...
Nimra Ali

The most talk in the town lady, Nimra Ali’s beautiful bridal Photoshoot

Nimra Ali is a young Pakistani girl who has gained fame overnight by the natural style of speaking fast in her viral video of...

First Pictures Of Syed Noor Bano Naqvi, Juggan Kazim’s New Born Daughter

Juggun Kazim had announced few a months ago that she is expecting her third baby. Juggun Kazim has her own YouTube channel where she revealed...
Juggan KAzim

Juggan Kazim Blessed With A Baby Girl

Children can strengthen a couple’s relationship in so many unimaginable ways. The positive things a child brings to a marriage makes having a child...

Extreme Criticism On Hira Mani’s Hot Pictures in Sequin Dress

Pakistani media industry always keep an eye on the moves of celebrity. Whatever the celebrities do is always most talked conversation in the town. Hira...
Jannat Mirza Tiktoker

جنت مرزا ٹک ٹاک کی پابندی کے خلاف بول اٹھی اور پابندی کا توڑ...

ویڈیو اور میوزک ایپ ٹک ٹاک پر پورے ملک میں پابندی کے بعد ٹک ٹاک کی مشہور اسٹار جنت مرزا نے ایک دوسری ایپ...
arshad khan chaiwala

Meet Arshad Khan, Famous Chaiwala, See What he is doing now!

Our beloved country Pakistan filled with many talented artist among which Arshad Khan name is one of them. In September 2016, Arshad Khan went...
alizey shah

Before And After Transformation of Alizeh Shah Plastic Surgery

Good grooming is integral, and impeccable style is a must. In this fast paced world where everything is progressing day by day, fashion world...
Anmol Baloch

Actress Anmol Baloch Looks Stunning and Gorgeous in her Beautiful Yellow Dress

We all  know actress Anmol Baloch has won the hearts of millions of her fans with not only her superb acting performances but by...

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Mashal Khan and Ali Ansari

Beautiful Pictures of Couple Ali Ansari and Mashal khan

Mashal Khan an another name who entered the Pakistani drama industry two to three years ago and people are enjoying her brilliant acting. She...
Mahnoor Baloch

Beautiful Pictures of Mahnoor Baloch from Her Instagram

Mahnoor Baloch, a name which does not need introduction. She is considered one of the senior actresses in Pakistani dramas and the film industry....
Nisha Rao

Meet Nisha Rao – Pakistan’s First Successful Transgender Lawyer

There are many people in our country who are picture of inspiration of many people. The name of Nisha Rao is one of these...
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