Disgraced Woman Breaks Traffic Rule & Then Misbehaves With Cop By saying ‘Meri Gari Ko Haat Kese Lagaya’

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Every day many miserable incidents take place which proves us to think what gives people the right to insult police officers? Yes, its the latest miserable happening which I am going to penning down on the story of a citizen who is abusing as well as misbehaving too with a traffic policeman and do you know guys such cases are being rapidly increasing day by day since the last year, as the privileged misbehave with police officers on duty and up till now and then, social media is filled with those humiliating and degrading videos of people who are showing their impolite and bad-mannered side to the world.

So, this time a woman from Islamabad faced criticism and censure on the internet for mistreating and abusing an on-duty traffic police officer.

Rouge Woman Breaks Traffic Rule & Then Misbehaves With Cop
Image: Twitter

A video has come to a surface which shows that an officer is only asking a woman to show her driving license and also turns out that last time he had let her go and warned her about it too. But, she completely ignored it, and now this time again as he asked for her license, she did not have it. So the officer then removed the number plate of her car and said to her that it is also not even original.

Rouge Woman Breaks Traffic Rule & Then Misbehaves With Cop
Image: Twitter

Instead of accepting her mistake, she got out of the car and started misbehaving and using abusive language with the police officer and said that “How dare you touch my car,” and was continuously shouting at him. She not only shout at him but she also reportedly held him by his collar.

Have a look at the video

“The law for the rich is another law for the general public is another.”

‘Disgraceful woman’

Breaking The Rules Of law & the sense of entitlement.

The people born with the rights of wealth have successfully revealed their complete ignorance of the law. In fact, they are misleading from their sense of entitlement and they thought that they are the ones who are capable of menacing and bullying the cops.

Rouge Woman Breaks Traffic Rule & Then Misbehaves With Cop
This is not the first time that such an incident has happened and gone viral on social media and became everyone’s debate. It also happened last year too that an allegedly drunk woman and her boyfriend in Lahore’s Defence Housing Authority (DHA) created turmoil, and started menacing, bullying, and abusing a police officer outside a restaurant which clearly proves that it is not police officers who are abusing and misusing their legal authorities but also the citizens who show their power in the face of these policemen.

The sense of superiority is obviously getting to the head of the so-called elites of our society and somehow, this has made them believe that they are ‘above the law’. If they are not afraid of the law, what on earth would they be frightened of then?

That’s true and as the saying goes, how one treats another individual shows a lot about his character and appearance. Similarly, not so long ago, a Karachi woman’s ill-treatment of police sparked a debate on ‘elite’ culture.

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