Doctors Separated Conjoined Pakistani Twin Girls. The Unbelievable and Heart touching Story Of Safa & Marwa

Safa & Marwa
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Every next moment in our life comes with so many challenges as well as so many miracles also.Today i have my put my pen down to share the incredible and unbelievable story of the twin girls who are born conjoined.

The miraculous surgery of the twin sister done in London which had their heads separated last year. The miracle girls hail from ​​the Charsadda district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (K-P).. The miracle girls hail from ​​the Charsadda district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (K-P).

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Three consecutive surgeries done at Great Ormond Street Hospital, one of the world’s largest hospitals for children in London, to safely separate the heads of the sisters. Safa and Marwa are craniopagus twins. They shared a skull and blood vessels which left their brains distorted.

Safa & Marwa

In an interview to independent urdu the grandfather of the twin girls safa and marwa states that how he received the funds for the treatment of his granddaughters in London.

Hussain said,

“When my granddaughters Safa and Marwa were born, their heads were intertwined. The girls’ father, Zahidullah, had died before they were born.”

According to Hussain, when the news of the birth of his granddaughters spread in the media, the then prime minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif issued orders for the treatment of girls at PIMS Hospital Islamabad at government expense.

The initial treatment took place at PIMS Hospital in Islamabad

Hussain said the twin sisters were receiving treatment at PIMS for three months. However, the doctors confirmed that they were required to be taken to London for further treatment. But due to the cost, which was millions of rupees, the central government was not ready to bear that expense.

the conjoined Pakistani girls

Hussain said it had been a really painful day for them when the family acknowledged that it’s impossible to treat girls in Pakistan. The girls’ grandfather said they not only asked for help from the local administration but to the provincial government as well for their treatment.

Watch the complete interview here:

Funds for the surgery of Safa and Marwa:

The K-P chief minister and PTI leader Pervez Khattak financially help them by arranging the visas and tickets of London. Hussain said they initially left Pakistan for 145 days. However, they later stayed there for two years and a month thanks to the complicated nature of the surgery.

According to Hussain, they left Pakistan on August 10, 2018. The first operation took place in October 2018 and the last successful operation of the girls took place in February 2019.

Murtaza Lakhani,a generous Pakistani business man proved to be the great saviour throughout whole journey,as he beared all the expense and saves the little twinnies.To serve the citizen of his country was the main reason of his helping out to the family.

the doctors who had done this unbelievable surgery

The four month complex procedure was led by the team of Neurosurgeon Noor-ul-Owase Jeelani and craniofacial surgeon Professor David Dunaway.  The operations completed in  50 hours of surgery time and involved 100 members of GOSH staff.

The complex surgery had to be done into small procedures to manage it safely. The team first practiced on 3D models to prepare for the surgery.

The surgery had done successfully alhamdulillah but the girls are still weak and cannot walk. the family is also working hard on the health of little twinnies and also trying to keep them safe from the current COVID-19 pandemic situation.the doctors in London also instructed them that they can discuss issues regarding the health of the girls whenever they wish to.