Dr. Adnan Haleem, Swat BISE topper embraced death fighting COVID-19.

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According to the Provincial Doctors Association (PDA), Dr. Adnan Haleem was on a ventilator in the Medical ICU of Khyber Teaching Hospital. The disease was in the progressed stage and involved his Brain, heart, and lungs. Dr. Adnan Haleem belonged to the Swat district.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Mahmood Khan expressed sorrow and grief over the death of Adnan Haleem, a third-year student of Khyber Medical College who died of coronavirus.

Topper Adnan Haleem

While people still ignore the threat of an ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, the virus has claimed one more young victim. Despite the actual fact that COVID-19 affects the immune-compromised and therefore the elderly, the Swat Board of Intermediate and Secondary Exam (BISE) topper Adnan Haleem gave up the ghost while battling the virus.

Gold Medalist Adnan Haleem

After all that we have come to understand about the COVID-19 virus, how can this be? Seems this virus during this second wave is targeting a unique group of individuals compared to the first wave. Professor Roger Kirby, president-elect of the Royal Society of Medicine said;

“Those with underlying health conditions and ethnic minorities, the next wave could target a different group.”

As said by the experts, more like Spanish influenza pandemic, young people will be effected by the second wave.

“What we saw in 1918 was the virus change and also the second wave was different from the first wave and it affected a different group of individuals – particularly younger people.”

Pakistan has seen a gradual rise in cases after September. This could need to do with the actual fact that’s when the lockdown was fully lifted, especially with cluster transmission.

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Instead of shifting blames we should do our best to combat the pandemic. If we really want to end this pandemic then we should strictly follow the SOPs because that is the only way to win this battle against the COVID-19.