Eman Suleman In Hot Waters For Sharing Bold Honey Moon Pictures

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Every one knows and loves Eman Suleman for her beauty and boldness. But all hail to the haters who have criticize no matter what.
Eman Suleman

The famous Eman Suleman is on honeymoon these days with her husband to enjoy the time in Hunza Valley and from there the couple are sharing their adorable pictures from their happy honey moon trip..

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The recent bold pictures that show Emaan is kissing her husband have stirred up an uproar on her social media portals. She shared the pictures with a sarcastic note, “pyaar Pahaar, (on the nose so chill) pappi, ….algae.”

Eman Suleman handled all the criticism exceptionally well with a sound reply to one of her followers who commented as you can see below


Jamil comment hilariously that its’s not even Eman Suleman’s husband there. He further wrote, Why  why want a  picture of them on the janemaaz together shown. 

Jamil  and Eman Suleman are a perfect couple who share a great bond of friendship and love. They usually Post and share their honey moon pictures with their followers and fans.