Family System in Islam Vs West

Family System in Islam
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Family System: Islam vs West

A perfectly balanced Family system provides the basis for happy life for every human being. Islam in contrast to the west has a well-balanced and sensible family system that is based on moral, religious, and cultural values. The family system is the key unit in every religion and every religion is considered incomplete without it.

The family system in Islam is different from the western family system in comparison. The husband and wife, in a united as well as the individual role, try to keep their family together. In this article, you will learn how the Islamic system is different and strong in contrast to the western family system.

1. Family Pillars

In the absence of these people, a family could not be complete and it cannot get the status of a family. The main pillars of the family are husband and wife, a father and a mother, also a child. In Islam, these people are the essence of a strong family.

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But in the west, there is the concept of single moms, single parents, and they consider it a family where only one parent is living with their children and the other is not performing his obligations.

2. Vicegrency and Purpose of Life

Men and women are considered viceregent of God, while in the west, there is no such concept of viceregency. The Holy Quran ratifies this as it states,

“Men are the protectors and maintainers of women, because God Has given the ones more (strength) Than the other, and because They support them from their means Therefore the righteous women Are devoutly obedient and guard in (the husband’s) absence What God would have them guard”.

3. Stability of Society depends upon Strong Family System

Islam is the final religion and Deen, there is no religion that is considered much complete as Islam. Allah Almighty has promised to protect the teachings of Islam. In Islam, the stability of society is connected with the stability of the family system. If the family is facing any problem, society cannot survive. The west is facing such problems as their family system is not based on such values.

4. Gender Equality

Islam gives equal status to men and women. The woman in the west is facing difficulties due to unequal status given to them. They are the victim of racism, intimidation, and gender violence. In ancient western history, they were just given the status of property of men.


But Islam has changed their view about women as it has now equal statues as his male spouse. The both enjoy equal rights and they are also bound to perform equal duties.

5. Women are Guardians of the House

In Islam, women are considered guardians of the house, and they are responsible to protect the child and property. They are responsible for the management of households and training of their children and to support their man.

The practices of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) are a great example for us. In contrast, a working woman of west cannot handle the management of their house and they don’t have time for the better training of their children.


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