Famous Youtuber Shahveer Jafry & Ayesha Beig Finally Engaged. Exclusive Pictures are Out!

shahveer jafry family
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The beautiful Shahveer Jafry is all set to get hitched and has an engagement soon, several reports circulating on social media earlier said. And then, GOOD NEWS! We have just gotten involved with the popular Pakistani Vlogger, and we have obtained some exclusive photos and videos from the engagement ceremony!

Jafry is a YouTuber and a sketch-comedy writer. He is well known for making comedy videos on the life of ‘brown people’. For his hilarious stuff, which is more than once, way too relatable for all his desi viewers, Pakistanis adore Jafry.

Shahveer Jafry ayesha beig

A image of an invitation card made a few social media rounds. The engagement ceremony took place today at around 12:30 pm, according to the information listed on the card. In addition to this, P.A.F Base Nur Khan, in Chaklala Cantt, Rawalpindi, was the location outlined on the card.

Take a look at it here!

Shahveer Jafry ayesha beig

Ayesha Beig, the YouTuber’s fiancé, is a designer by trade. “In addition to this, Jafry’s fiancé, sources confirmed, is said to run an Instagram page called “Ayesha Beig Couture.

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On Twitter, the YouTuber also happily shared the engagement news with his followers. Check it out here!

While the Vlogger has not yet posted any photos on his official Instagram account, some exclusive images and videos from the big event have been collected!

Have a look on their engagement ceremony Pictures.

Shahveer Jafry ayesha beig Shahveer Jafry ayesha beig Shahveer Jafry ayesha beig

Shahveer Jafry ayesha beig

Shahveer Jafry ayesha beig Shahveer Jafry ayesha beig Shahveer Jafry ayesha beig Shahveer Jafry ayesha beig

Watch Videos Here

Look at how relaxed the couple are looking! We are waiting eagerly for Jafry to make the exciting announcement himself.

More information about his fiancée remains undisclosed as of now, as he has not yet revealed it. However with enthusiasm and affection, only the mere announcement has bombarded the internet.

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