Faysal bank manager arrested for sexually harassing a lady in a bank, Islamabad Police in action

faysal bank manager arrested
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In the federal capital Islamabad, I just came to see a video of a personal bank manager harassing a female employee inside the bank, during which the bank manager can be seen harassing a female employee.

Later on, Deputy Commissioner Islamabad Hamza Shafqat took action on the new video after people shouting on social media and ordered the Islamabad police to require action against the bank manager, due to which the police of Islamabad arrested the bank manager.

According to a message issued by the Deputy Commissioner of Islamabad office, the faysal bank manager who harassed the lady has been arrested by the Islamabad police and case has been registered against him of harassing.

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He has also been dismissed from the bank and Pakistan State. Consistent with the bank’s rules and regulations, he won’t be eligible to add any bank.


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