Five Healthy Breakfast Recipes You Must Know

healthy breakfast recipe
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Five Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast is the most essential meal in the whole day. A person feels very productive for the whole day because breakfast provides important nutrition which is stored in our body.

Breakfast Skillet:

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Item Quantity
Boiled beans ¼ cup
Salt According to desired taste
Black pepper According to desired taste
Potatoes 2
Olive oil 1 Tsp
Cumin ¼ tsp
Eggs 2
Onion powder ¼ tsp
Turkey ham 1 Oz lean
Paprika ¼ tsp


First of all, u need to take a cutting board, take two potatoes and wash them thoroughly. Then take out a peeler and peel the potatoes. When potatoes are peeled off, then grate the potatoes nicely. When you are done grating potatoes, take out a non-stick pan and a wooden spatula and spray 1 tsp of olive oil in the hot pan. Add grate potatoes in the pan and cook them nicely on a low heat. Now, this is the time to add spices to your meal. Add ¼ cup of boiled beans in pan and mix potatoes and beans properly with spatula.

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After a while, add salt and black pepper according to your taste and also add ¼ tsp of cumin and ¼ tsp of paprika and ¼ tsp of onion powder in the mixture and mix nicely and cook for a while. Then make a space for eggs in the mixture, add 1 egg at one side of the pan, and second on the other side of the pan just like frying the in the mixture. Take 1 Ox lean turkey ham and cut it into small cubical pieces and then sprinkle over the pan. Cook for a while and the meal is ready.

Scrambled Eggs:


Item Quantity
Rock Salt According to taste
Eggs 3
Black pepper According to taste
Butter 2 cubes
Chives A small pinch


Take a small bowl and add eggs into the bowl one by one. Mix the eggs with a fork or any other mixing spoon available. Add spices to eggs, add rock salt, black pepper according to your taste. Take a non-stick pan and add cubes of butter into a hot pan. Pour the mixture into the pan and cook it with spatula. Take the mixture in the middle of the pan and leave the heat after cooking it for a while. Take out the mixture in the plain plate and sprinkle chives on it and enjoy your protein meal.

Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich:


Item Quantity
Bran bread 2 Slices
Black pepper According to taste
Butter 1 Cube
Parmesan Cheese Grated pieces
Ham 1 slice
Mozzarella Grated Pieces
Cheddar Cheese 1 Slice


Take one slice of bread, put 1 slice cheddar cheese on bread. Then put one slice of ham on cheese and then add black pepper according to your taste. Then sprinkle Parmesan cheese and mozzarella on it and put the other bread slice on it. Take out a pan and put butter into it and then put the sandwich in it. Brown the sandwich and your happy meal is ready.

Poached Egg on Toast:


Item Quantity
Egg 1
Bread 1 Slice
Butter 1 Cube
Salt According to Taste
Black Pepper According to Taste
Chives A Pinch


Take out the York of egg into a small bowl. And on the other side boil water in the pan and when the water starts boiling, put the York into the water for 3 minutes. And in the while take out another pan and add butter cube. Put the bread slice in pan and toast it. Place the toast in the plate and when after 3 minutes take out the egg and place it on toast and add spices like salt and black pepper according to your taste and sprinkle chives on it and enjoy the poached eggs on toast.

Banana peanut butter sandwich:


Item Quantity
Bran Bread 2 Slices
Chia Seeds A desired amount
Sliced Bananas 1 or 2 Bananas
Natural Peanut Butter Desired Amount
Chocolate chips A hand full of chips


Take two slice of bran bread, put a mixture of chia seeds and natural peanut butter on both slices. Put sliced bananas and chips on one bread slice and then put the other bread slice on it. Take out a pan and add butter cube in it. Put the sandwich in pan and brown the sandwich and start your day with an amazing meal.


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