Five Moments “Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida” Becomes Completely Illogical And Unreal

Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida
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Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida is getting in style acclaim despite the fact that it’s a copy of the Bollywood movie Judai. Nowadays new airing dramas resembling Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida as well as Zebaish, HUM TV has began a brand new pattern of dramas that are excessive and at instances stupid.

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Pakistani dramas are identified all over the world because of their real looking strategy. There are various audience from throughout the borders who recognize this high quality production as a result of their native dramas are identified for going a bit extra.

Sadly, Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida is popping out to be a drama which isn’t a funny play however there are such a lot of situations which make it inconceivable for the viewers to narrate to no matter is happening.

Whereas such excessive and fake situations may work on the massive display screen, they’re uncalled for when the producers are tackling with a slightly critical challenge on the little display screen.

The main idea of the serial revolves round an immature girl Ulfat who desires of being wealthy. She is inappropriate and apparently would do something to get the wealth she desires. The person is rather a lot like Mehwish from Mere Pass Tum Ho, however the large exception is that whereas this drama gave a critical remedy to the subject.

Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida’s tackle the topic is out of reach. There are such a lot of instances when the story and the situations make no sense in any way. Though, these viewers who’re watching the present know by now that they need to not anticipate something Extra from this drama however even then the shortage of frequent sense whereas writing and directing the play is stupid.

The drama is getting extra confusing with each passing episode. If this drama is encouraged as a funny drama maybe viewers would have been extra welcoming.

Listed here are five instances when Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida went fully excessive.

Shafaq’s Superpowers

All of the situations which convinced Shafaaq to fall for Shahan proved one factor that Shafaq is really determined for love. She discovered Shahaan lovely and engaging for no apparent purpose since there’s nothing cute about a mature grown up guy appearing like a tween.

Not solely is Shafaq determined for love and in need of an wild journey however she additionally has superpowers also. One way or the other she was aware that the prize bond she gifted to Ulfat had the successful quantity on it.

Anybody who’shave good knowledge in how prize bonds process would agree with the statement  that nobody can know one thing like this before the required time.

Ulfat and Her Buddies enjoying the Nikkah

Sonya Hussyn along with the director have presented Ulfat’s character such an exaggerated mix that just about all the scenes wherein Ulfat is happy are excessive. The nikkah scene specifically didn’t appear to be a event of a typical Pakistani drama.

Ulfat’s entrance with Shafaq and the emotions of her buddies throughout the nikkah had been exaggerated to an end of being irritating.

The Sudden Variation in Shafaq

Everybody who’s watching this drama is aware of the fact that Shafaq crushing on Shahaan was probably the most childish a part of the story. Even when we in some way consider that Shafaq was so determined for love that wanted a married man, the sudden variation in Shafaq post marriage has been extra similar to every little thing else.

She selected to do the housework as an alternative of getting a helper with all the cash she has. Unexpectedly Shafaq isn’t just one other a bizarre housewife however somebody who can do cleansing and cooking also.

Not solely the change in outfit came out of nowhere as soon as she tied a knot with Shahaan. Except dressing precisely like Ulfat was a small piece of her plan too, Shafaq’s newly lack of style and outfit is difficult to understand..

Ulfat’s Happiness after Profitable win in Lottery

Since there isn’t any primary idea of time frame or actuality within the drama, after getting profitable to get the lottery, the excessive happiness had been in course of few minutes.

The way in which these celebrations had been lined was beyond our understanding. All the things from Ulfat’s entrance to the variation in her persona was past stupidity.

Eternally clueless Shahaan was having no concept what was occurring despite the fact that such events would usually require lots of time and money!

According to the drama, nothing is sufficient for Ulfat so she purchased a home and a automotive like another person would store for garments.

When she left the showroom in her new automotive, she didn’t solely have a person to drive the car too but in addition a bodyguard with a gun also!

When Ulfat shifted to her new home, her mother-in-law stated that each one the servants in the home had been going to do the housework.

So, we’re guessing that similar to she obtained a driver and a bodyguard without any cost with the automobile, she will need to have been given home assist too when she purchased the home!

The Variation in the attitude Ulfat after Getting Wealthy

Ulfat’s sense of fashion and the best way she speaks English shouldn’t be solely excessive but extremely out of bounds. It looks as if Ulfat modified style and personality with her Sotan Shafaq.

Though there are lots of instances when her actual personality takes over the pretend one however even then the pretend character is nothing near actuality.

It stays to get viewed recently at how lengthy Ulfat will proceed managing the cash she has. If the director and the author proceed to work without any logic with their strategy as they’ve been up to now then it should most likely stay like this for a very long time!

We’re fairly certain that we are going to be seeing many extra excessive conditions and events within the upcoming drama too. If the authorities needed to provide a comic book spin to the present, they should have chosen one other theme.

The theme residing round a girl selling of her spouse might need labored for cinema in 1997 however that is 2020 when actors who name themselves extreme feminists mustn’t even option for such initiatives.

After which there’s Zahid Ahmed who on repeat performs the lead position in flop  serial after which says sorry for his error in judgment. It’s unhappy to see our high actors going towards such initiatives.