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When I was only 17-year-old, I weighed 115 kg. I was bullied in school due to my weight. I was alone and had only one friend during my school life, too, for two years. Nobody liked talking to me. People used to call me names such as aunty, fatty, and whatnot.

I can still remember people’s faces and hear their voices. I was always bullied and humiliated by my teachers also. When the situation got too unbearable, I dropped out of my school and worked on my weight loss without following a specific diet plan.

I began to focus on my health and took a break from my studies. Here’s how I lost extra weight from my body.

The journey leading to my weight loss

I started with a brisk walk daily. I began using calories that my body was requiring instead of following a weight loss diet plan. I exercised daily for an hour. I did not go to a gym as I was afraid to face people and being bullied. And, instantly, I began to lose weight. I could even see my weight-reducing, but I couldn’t believe it. Because throughout my life, all I ever heard was taunts about my weight and being ugly.

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Let me tell you the three things that helped me to reduce my weight. In a single year, I lost about 60kg  of weight to achieve 55kg. As I used to go out for a walk even in the rain or in 45-degree centigrade, I would think if I took a day off, I may regain all the weight back again. Sadly, this is what mental health trauma due to bullying does to you.

During my weight loss struggle, I also developed anorexia nervosa, a condition I did not know much about. One day, when my father saw me vomit as I put my fingers in my mouth, he asked me about it. I told him I had eaten a nugget, and to avoid weight gain, I am going to make myself vomit. I told him I am used to doing this.

What is this condition called Anorexia Nervosa?

Anorexia Nervosa is a condition that develops due to the fear of gaining weight. I had the only 55kg of value, but I walked for hours alone to reduce it. One day, someone in the park asked me, “Why am I  running so much. I will become weak.”

My family also begged me not to work out so much, but I remember that there would come the point when I wouldn’t eat anything the whole day. I would survive on one meal a day. Then I reached out for help to fight this condition.

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People  now often ask me questions like, ‘What my diet plan is?’ or ‘What is my daily exercise routine?” I reply to them that I walk for 45 minutes daily, and follow a workout plan for an hour and 15 minutes each morning for a year.

I ate as per my body’s requirements and my weight loss diet plan as the number of calories changes the weight changes. To find out about the body’s daily calory requirement for weight loss, you need to convert your weight into pounds and multiply it by 11. The answer will include the calories you need to consume daily.

Here’s a bonus tip!

Another tip that I would like to give is a bonus tip, and it is that you need to drink a warm glass of containing lemon and one tbsp honey daily before eating anything for breakfast. It will help you a lot. The most important thing you need to know is that there are no short cuts if you want to lose weight.

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It will take time. You have to be consistent and stay motivated. There were some months when I lost 8kgs only. But there were also months when I lost  only 0.5kg of my body weight.

So, working consistency is the only key. The point in sharing all of this is to reach out to all the people and to motivate them and let them know that if I can do it, they can do it too