How To Register A Cybercrime Complaint In Pakistan, Step By Step Procedure

cybercrime complaint
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You know who a cybercrime victim is? If any individual faces any online emotional and sexual harassment or if someone tried to hack your account on social media that you are a victim.

A large amount of population is not aware of this fact that how and to whom you can report these crimes.

Following are the means to report a cybercrime complaint:

1. Registering Complaint On website:

You can file an objection by visiting a site made for such complaints named as Federal investigation Agency


2. Visiting a close cybercrime unit of FIA

The requirements are to submit a CNIC copy, attaching the required content with a screenshot of the accused profile. Also, provide a URL of this material.

To file a report, a victim can see the office of FIA’s cybercrime wing that is located near you.

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Recently, there offices are located in many offices like Islamabad, Karachi, Quetta, Peshawar, Lahore and Rawalpindi.

3. Reporting By Post

A complete written application should be sent with all the required details such as Name, Address, CNIC and Mobile No.

Also, don’t forget to comment on the details of the offender’s content to report the complaint.

This is sent to the director on the address of National Response Center of Cyber Crime.