In Pakistan, a new chicken disease is spreading, lowering prices.

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Coronavirus, an acute respiratory disease, is quickly spreading among chickens on poultry farms across the country.

Infectious coryza is a condition that causes hens to acquire a common cold, difficulty breathing, nasal discharge, sneezing, facial puffiness, and reduced activity.

According to Kokab Iqbal, Chairman of Consumer Association Pakistan (CAP), the condition is comparable to Coronavirus sickness, which causes chickens to have a cold and have respiratory issues.

The disease is spreading quickly among farmed hens, according to CAP Chairman, and a substantial number of poultry farms around the country have been closed as a result of the outbreak of infectious coryza.

He noted that in the past, ‘Bird flu’ and ‘Ranikhet’ sickness had afflicted farmed hens, resulting in a record drop in the retail price of chicken meat.

It should be noted that poultry retail prices have risen dramatically in the last week, with chicken fetching up to Rs. 600 per kilogram.