In Pictures: Rahim Pardesi and Somia Rahim Welcome Their First Child

Rahim Pardesi and Somia Rahim
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Rahim Pardesi is one of Pakistan’s most famous YouTubers. You might be surprised to learn that he has married twice at such a young age. And today, he is the father of his fourth child. And this is his second wife’s son. And, thankfully, his two wives live in the same home. His two wives have become friends, as well.

This is Rahim Pardesi and Somia Rahim’s first child. He has three children from his first marriage. Let us tell you something: at the age of 31, he has taken on the burden of caring for four children. This is, without a doubt, a crucial message for the younger generation. Both mother and son are in good health and are happy with their lives. Rahim was born into a Punjabi family and currently resides in Lahore.

Rahim Pardesi, also known as Nasreen, worked hard to establish himself in the world of YouTube. He has developed into a good singer in addition to being a YouTuber. People like this video because it includes a learning message every time he uploads it to YouTube. Since he makes fun of current affairs in our culture. And today, he has millions of YouTube subscribers.

However, we can see in today’s article that Rahim Pardesi and his second wife Somia Rahim have given birth to their first son and have posted pictures of their son with fans on social media. On this occasion, the couple seems to be very happy. Rahim and his wife Somia have yet to settle on a name for their son. So let’s take a look at some lovely images of their recent arrival.

Rahim Pardesi and Somia Rahim Rahim Pardesi and Somia Rahim Rahim Pardesi and Somia Rahim

Rahim Pardesi and Somia Rahim Rahim Pardesi and Somia Rahim Rahim Pardesi and Somia Rahim

Rahim Pardesi Rahim Pardesi

Remember to congratulate Rahim Pardesi and his wife Somia Rahim on the birth of their new son. Thank you so much!


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