In Pictures & Videos ‘Is Aurat March Foreign-Funded?’ Debates Twitter.

Is this the issue that we should be concerned about?

aurat march 2021
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People are once again pointing fingers at Aurat Azadi March, also known as Aurat March. Twitter is flooded with unfounded tweets, ranging from accusations that the march is foreign-funded to suggestions that it is lobbying for “Western agendas.”

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The shady dealings didn’t stop with foreign money. There was also discussion about how it’s more important to limit LGBTQ rights than to empower women. (You know, priorities)

There was, of course, female character assassination and over-generalizations in the mix. How many of these people who are making broad generalizations have done some study into women’s rights movements?

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And there were others who said that these were all conspiracies to undermine something that questioned patriarchy. However, why is “foreign support” used to undermine something in Pakistan?

Aside from conspiracy theories, other people took a more pragmatic approach. To be honest, it’s no secret that the state is largely reliant on foreign assistance. Yes, that is what loans from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and funds from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) are.

When will women be able to exercise their civil rights? Is it true that the wellbeing of people in a welfare state is a “Western agenda” that we must oppose? How can we justify Pakistan’s epidemic of sexual abuse against women, girls, and even animals?

Every year, we hear the same tired claims against Aurat March, ranging from assaults on culture and Islam to international funding. Have any of these arguments ever been proven to be true?

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