Is It Right To Celebrate Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Birthday (Eid Milad Nabi)?

eid milad nabi
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12th Rabi’ al-Awwal is known as birthday of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH. It’s also said that he (PBUH) passed away on this date. I even have seen many of us especially in South Asia celebrating the birthday of Prophet Muhammad PBUH (Eid Milad Nabi).

Did Sahaba celebrate the Eid Milad Nabi?

When we check out the practices and daily lives of the Sahaba Rasool, we’ll never ever find any of them celebrating the birth of the beloved Prophet, whether it had been during his lifetime or after he gave up the ghost .

None of his closest companions, including the primary four Caliphs, his wife, and even other close companions like Talha R.A and Zubair R.A, ever celebrated his birthday. Does that not prove anything?

Eid milad un nabi celebration

Should we celebrate Eid Milad Nabi?

If the good 4 Caliphs, during their 28 years of combined rule, didn’t transgress from actuality path of Islam, then who are we to try to to so? If the simplest of mankind, who are the people that stood by the Prophet during his time, didn’t celebrate his birth, then why should we?

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However, this biddah has also entered the middle East because the UAE government announced a public holiday on 12th Rabi’ al-Awwal last year.

What is Biddah?

The literal definition of Biddah-Innovation consistent with Shariah would be “Doing action in matters of the deen (religion) that Allah has not prescribed”.

It also can be taken as “Worshipping Allah in ways in which aren’t those of the Prophet PBUH or his rightly-guided successors after Him.


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