Kashif Zameer breaks with Ertugrul Star’s ‘$1 million deal’-Pays just half the money to Engin

Mian Kashif Zameer with ertugral
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Mian Kashif Zameer, the man seen hosting Dirilis Ertugrul star Engin Altan Duzyatan on his visit to Lahore, was only discovered yesterday to be a wanted criminal. Now it turns out that the sum he offered to the Turkish actor did not even pay him.

Information released by Punjab Police said these instances included fraud, faith betrayal, car theft, and theft. It should be noted here that it was Zameer who last week invited Duzyatan to Lahore. Zameer had shared in an interview that he had met with Duzyatan in Turkey.

Mian Kashif Zameer

Moreover, being a big fan of the Turkish star, he gave him a ring with a Pakistani value of around Rs60 lac, made of pure diamond and 24 carats of gold. The actor also gave him three rings which he wore in the drama series, as a return gift.

The money bags also disclosed that he then invited Duzyatan to Pakistan as his company’s brand ambassador. Zameer decided to spend $1 million on him in order to make him a brand ambassador.

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In addition to this, TikToker ensured the safety of the actor in Pakistan at the meeting the two had in Turkey. He also addressed the places he would stay in Lahore, as well as the individuals he would encounter.

Twisting plot! Zameer’s back from the contract

Hey, how gutsy! He had reached a contract of about one million dollars with the Turkish actor, as per the statements he himself made earlier. He did not however, even pay the sum promised. In reality, only half of it was paid for!

Mian Kashif Zameer with ertugral

The Sialkot-based businessman has, interestingly, dismissed the reports as a malicious campaign.’ The oh-so-rich man says his reputation ‘out of spite’ is tarnished by local brands and media outlets for not letting them meet the Turkish guest.

In his everyday life, Zameer, who is also a popular Pakistani TikTok star, is known for wearing loads of gold in various ornaments. He is also Chaudhry Groups of Companies’ Managing Director (MD). Moreover, he’s pretty loaded, as per his own statements!

The gold-laden TikToker, in a video, warned reporters against a targeted ratings campaign.

Although the debate goes on one thing about Zameer remains real. He is a wanted felon who has been booked twice in eight cases of fraud, trust betrayal, auto theft, and robbery.

Source: Twitter

Four cases were reported in Lahore and two were reported in Toba Tek Singh, while a fraud case was reported in Sialkot.

Zameer said he reached a deal with Duzyatan in an earlier interview and locked him up as his company’s global brand ambassador. But well what a shocking turn of events, yet not-so-surprising!