Kashif Zameer denies rumours about him, ‘I took Engin to Pakistan & now people are jealous.’

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The man who hosted Dirilis Ertugrul star Engin Altan Düzyatan during his visit to Lahore, Kashif Zameer, referred to allegations that he paid the Turkish actor just half of the sum agreed upon.

In a video message, Zameer said it was really sad for the media to spread rumours” about him.

“I would like to explain a few things. The agreement was to pay half of the amount to Engin Altan ahead of his first visit to Pakistan, and the remainder would be paid at the time of his next visit.

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There are a few brands that don’t want to make this deal happen. If there had been a payment problem, the actor would have tweeted about it himself. Our media just disseminates gossip. Please have some shame. It means that no foreign star will ever come back to Pakistan,’ he said.

It was claimed earlier that Zameer made a one million dollar contract with the Turkish actor, but paid only half of it.