Mahira Khan Recent Photoshoot In Red Dress

mahira khan in red
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Mahira Khan is a well-known commercial star in Pakistan who is also a good drama star who has worked in a number of successful dramas. She also collaborates with Shahrukh Khan in Bollywood. Mahira Khan is one of the cutest actors who puts her personal life and relationships on hold for acting and modelling. She divorced her husband and began working in the entertainment industry. Mahira also has a daughter, and she is currently engaged to someone with whom she will marry shortly.

She has a sizable fan base on social media, with nearly 8 million Instagram followers. She stated in an interview that commercials earn more than films and dramas. She is the official Nescafe and LU Biscuits Brand Ambassador. In the modelling world, she is also progressing quickly. In her most recent photos, she introduces a new unique dress, which you can see below.

mahira khan in red

mahira khan in red mahira khan in red mahira khan in red mahira khan in red

Mahira Khan made her television dramatisation debut as well, starring in Mehreen Jabbar’s Neeyat. She portrayed the role of Ayla in the series, which was set in New York. She had a starring role in the drama series Humsafar, which earned her a Lux Style Grant.

Mahira Khan and Bilal Ashraf will be part of an ISPR project that is contingent on Lieutenant General Nigar Johar’s survival. It will be aired on ARY Advanced as a telefilm. According to rumours, Mahira Khan has started shooting at the Armed Forces Clinical School in Rawalpindi.

Mahira Khan is now starring in the Murmur television drama series Murmur Kaha Ke Sachay Thay alongside entertainer Kubra Khan and Usman Mukhtar. She’s also been seen in photo assignments with a number of well-known clothing labels. Furthermore, the clothes she wears are always princess-like.

mahira khan in red mahira khan in red mahira khan in red mahira khan in red mahira khan in red