Meera will give 5 lac Rupees to the one who will find her phone

meera's lost iphone
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The most controversial lady Pakistani film actress Meera is always do something to be in the news headlines. The actress is suffering from the age complex phobia and therefore she knows how to grab media attention. The Queen of English is back in the news yet again.

Recently The actress has lost her iPhone. As a result, she has appealed her fans to help her and how will they sought out the problem?

pakistani actress Meera
Source: Twitter

The Baaji actress told in a video message in which she conveys a message to her fans that she has lost her iPhone.

She has asked her fans to help her finding the phone. The one who finds the lost phone will be given Rs5 lacs as a reward. But, I was wondering that can’t she buy a new phone with this money? ROFL!

Throughout 2020, Meera has been in the news headlines for so many reasons. In November, Meera was accused of fraud of tons of rupees of helping the poor during the pandemic situations.

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The actress tried to clear the misunderstanding from the minds of people regarding the accusations from a press conference held at the Lahore Press Club.

I am a heroine in real life, says Meera

“Some people are trying to accuse a real-life heroine like me,”

she added.

“My house is not a place of shelter, it is my house, I live in it. I’m the superstar and heroine of Pakistan.”

“I live in the character of a heroine in real and real both the lives”

pakistani actress Meera
Source: Twitter

The actress further stated that maybe her ‘only fault’ was doing favours for the sake of humanity. She further added that  she is playing a good role in real life in every character whether it is being a good daughter, a good friend, a good sister, pure, virtuous and most importantly a good human being.

The most talked in the town lady is being loved by her fans. In April 2020, she asked for help on social media from Pakistan government that she is being trapped in a hotel room in New York amid quarantine.

pakistani actress Meera
Source: Twitter

In her video message, Meera appealed to Mr Imran Khan to make arrangements for her so that she can come to Pakistan as she was helpless in America where coronavirus is and was on peak.

The video went viral and after all so many efforts she was brought back to Pakistan safely.

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