Meet Nisha Rao – Pakistan’s First Successful Transgender Lawyer

Nisha Rao
Source: Independent Urdu
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There are many people in our country who are picture of inspiration of many people. The name of Nisha Rao is one of these inspirational people. Nisha is a Transgender but a successful lawyer who is fighting against all odds.

In this post today I put my pen down to convey a message to my reader by narrating a inspirational story of Nisha rao. Today, the 28-year-old Nisha Rao narrates her journey to fulfill her dreams which was filled with lot of difficulties. Rao fights the cases of other people, including transgenders.

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Nisha is the Karachi-based lawyer and she earned her law degree from Sindh Muslim Law College in 2018. After completing her matriculation from Lahore, she came to Karachi to in order to minimize her family’s torture and constant physical abuse. She there also faced many hardships as she spent ten years begging and and with that money she studied Law.

nisha rao
Source: Independent Urdu

While talking about her mother, Rao’s with teary eyes narrates that,

“Feminine habits are always in my personality. I used to recite the Quran and sit in the madrassa with the girls, wearing a headscarf and applying lipstick. But due to these such things, I was often beaten severely by my family.”

She still remembers the days that whenever she use to enter the school, a few of the bullies would gather around her to crack jokes at her expense and hence everyone would join in the gales of laughter and make fun of her.

Nisha Rao
Source: Independent Urdu

Finally, after facing so many hardships, she realised that her situation will be remain the same so she decided to bid adieu to her family. She told her childhood friend about her decision, and that friend promised to support her and help her anyway to achieve her goal by continuing her education.

Nisha Rao left her family to achieve her goals

In her early life, as she shared that her family did not really treat her well. According to her, if they had supported her, she would not have taken such a step. Then after matriculation, Rao stepped out and left her home with two of her transgender friends.

Nisha Rao
Source: Independent Urdu

Before leaving her home, she stole her father’s salary and came to Karachi with a train ticket. For the one and a half month, she stayed at her friend’s guru’s house, where she get food and shelter but, those gurus were also poor.

Rao said,

“Now I had to do something to fulfil my needs, I did not know how to dance and I also did not want to do anything else so they forced me to beg.”

Nisha Rao
Source: Independent Urdu

“At first, I was very sad that I was begging, but because of not having an ID card, no one hired me, and no NGO helped me. But i had an habit of not giving so in order to achieve my goals i continued to beg at a signal”

Moreover, the police the behaviour of police with transgenders is so harsh and abusive that a transgender cannot get equal rights just as others. Rao’s teacher , Mudassar Iqbal Chaudhry Sahib advised her to become a lawyer.

“Then you would not need to be afraid of anyone. In fact, the police will be afraid of you”

Rao’s  journey of advocacy

Some how, Rao took the entrance exam and after that, she had done graduation from Karachi University in International Relations. The lawyer said.

“I completed my education with my transgender identity and I am proud of it,”

After getting admission in law college, she has to manage time for everything so she made a timetable. From eight to 12, she would beg and from two to five, she would go to law college.

Nisha Rao
Source: Independent Urdu

Rao further shared that it had been difficult for her to regulate in the beginning as she didn’t know whether to take a seat with the boys or the girls. However, a year later, things got better, and she made friends there.

As the time passes everybody treated her very well. Rao also shared that she now legally helps eunuchs through her NGO. Additionally to the present in the future, she aspires to line up a helpline through her organization where transgender lawyers can guide other transgenders.

Nisha Rao
Source: Independent Urdu

Similarly after facing so many difficulties Rao has taken a decision to build a shelter home for elderly transgenders who do not have one and has to face so many hardships from their early life. She wants them to be treated well, as well as provide them care so they can spend their whole life comfortably.

Watch the video below:

Over the past few years, lot of things changed in the life of Nisha Rao being a transgender of Pakistan who is now a lawyer. But most importantly, her relatives who have started treating her with respect which is really a big achievement.

Wishing all the best to Rao for her entire journey of life We hope to see her and the other transgenders of Pakistan achieving more success in the near future one day.

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