Meet Safdar – The Boy Who Earns ‘Halal’ As A Gardener Despite Of Inability To Walk.

A Gardener Safdar
The handicapped gardener named Safdar
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In the social order of our country, individuals having physical disabilities often face numerous difficulties. These include not only those owing to physical deficiencies but also those that arise because of social attitudes of inferior treatment, disgrace and helplessness.

Factually, these people are not disabled but “differently-abled”, and this element is not often realized by the society. These kind of people have many skills that are unusual and unique, and the handicapped gardener named Safdar has proven this very fact by his work.

A Gardener Safdar
Source: Twitter

The gardener has age of 21 years. He works meticulously, vigilantly and sincerely. He belongs to the Punjab province of Pakistan. He became maimed at the early age of 10 years, and lost his ability to walk.

He gave an interview to the Urdu point, in which he said that he has five siblings – two brothers and three sisters, and has a backup family who does not want him to work so hard, and he works not for monetary reasons but only to satisfy his desire for gardening.

A Gardener Safdar
Source: Twitter

For traveling, he uses a special cycle, pushed by hand paddles. He earns around Rs 4500 per month by working in four different places.

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The encouraging story of the individual has an exceptional message to all disable people, that tells them to avoid begging as their occupation and must produce earning by hard work.

Disability is not an impediment for trailing one’s dream and live a self-reliant life.

It is really an inspiration that a disable person Safdar has been struggling hard to make a decent living bravely despite many challenges. He is certainly a motivation for others who has been challenges of life and strive hard for honor and dignity.

Other than Safdar, there are also many other disable persons in Pakistan, who are successfully pursuing their passions and are proud of the society.

Even after getting injured in a heartbreaking accident at an early age he did not give up, but decided to do respectable job of teaching to educate the children of his locality.

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