Neelam Muneer is looking stunning in Casual Black Dress

Neelum munir in black
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Neelam Muneer has spent ten years in the Pakistani entertainment industry. In the industry, she has become popular and is renowned for her charming personality. Neelam has appeared in many popular Pakistani drama series, including Jal Pari, Judai, Anabiya, Bikhray Moti and Kahin Deep Jaley.

The 28-year-old actress has also starred in four Pakistani movies, such as “Chupang Chupe”, “Kaf Kangana” and “Chaka” in Pakistani cinemas. Neelam Muneer is a talented woman and she is loved by people. She likes to chat with fans and also shares pictures on social media.

Neelam began her career early and made several advertisements for television. She received numerous offers from different advertising agencies due to her stunning face, and finally got into the entertainment circle.

Neelam has been doing a great deal of work in niche modelling since the start of her career in the film industry. Neelam Muneer ran on the ramp and was always the show’s preference for all of Pakistan’s big fashion designers. In addition, Neelam has created advertisements for different brands such as Zong, Candy Land, Sooper Biscuits, Chilly Milly, Cock and other brands of shoes, appellations, beverages and other brands.

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For her solid expressions and lifelike performances, Neelam Muneer is known, and her TV series “Guide e Tanhai” is also well known. She played the daughter of Faisal Qureshi in that series.

On December 29, 2017, Neelam’s movie “Chupan Chupai” was released with a box office of over 70 million and its reputation is incredibly high. Moreover, several other projects have been put on hold by Neelam. She has been suggested to appear in a Bollywood movie as well.

In Causal Black Skirts, when she looks stunning. When wearing all-black clothes, this is her most iconic appearance.

Neelum munir in black Neelum munir in black

Neelum munir in black Neelum munir in black Neelum munir in black Neelum munir in black Neelum munir in black