New Online Wedding Trend – Pakistani couple got Nikkahfied on a video call!

Pakistani Couple Got Nikkahfied Over Video Call
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Even when the world is grappling with a pandemic, a couple in Pakistan who wanted to get married on a video call have proved that love prevails. Modern problems do, after all, require modern solutions.

On social media, some video clips of a nikkah taking place via video calling make rounds. People were asked to avoid large public meetings in the midst of the novel coronavirus outbreak and not to leave their homes. As for this pair, this couple found a creative way to get married during the travel restrictions in the middle of the lockdown.

Pakistani Couple Got Nikkahfied Over Video Call

Two couples can be seen getting married in the video. Two sisters tied the knot on the same day, according to the details. While one sister had her nikkah in person, as she sits on the stage and the husband joins the ceremony online, the other one had it via video call. The video begins with the reading of verses by Nikkahkhwan.

The wedding, as it seems, took place in a hall. In the middle of the coronavirus confusion, we think, the groom would not have been able to find a flight for himself. It did not, however, prohibit him from tying the knot with his bride-to-be. They did not change their wedding plan and, through video conferencing, found another way to arrange the wedding ceremony.

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Yeah, you read that correctly! In the presence of qazi and other family members of both sides, both groom and bride said “qubool hai” via video call. The videos of their wedding ceremony were posted on Instagram by their photographer. Moreover, the caption read, “Have you ever seen a nikkah online before?” ”

The video clips are here-Enjoy!

Sure, the national lockdown might in many ways have brought life to a standstill. Yet there are individuals who are pushing on with their plans.

However, getting married with a little support from technology is a great idea. That too, without breaching the rules of social distancing, provided that with just a few near people you do it at your home.