Prime Minister Imran Khan Wins a ‘Vote of Confidence’ from the National Assembly.

pm vote of confidence
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On Saturday, Prime Minister Imran Khan received a majority of votes in the National Assembly to win a vote of confidence.

The special session was called by the prime minister himself as a display of power. In the recent Senate elections, his party had lost a key position.

To win the confidence vote, the premier required 172 votes. Asad Qaiser, the Speaker of the National Assembly, declared the outcome. PM Imran Khan was elected to the post eight years ago with 176 votes, according to the speaker. “He received 178 votes today,” he said.

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Members of the PTI and its allies thumped desks and shouted slogans as the speaker declared the results. Many PTI supporters were also present in the lobbies.

Meanwhile, on Saturday, the National Assembly met at the parliament house in Islamabad. Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi also moved the resolution on the vote of confidence in the Prime Minister.