Rabi Pirzada reveals her Beauty Secrets

rabi peerzada
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Rabi Pirzada has been a well known Pakistani singer and successful model. She is a famous singer and, successful model in Pakistan, and as the heroine of the TV series starred in the famous Pakistani drama series “Koi to Ayega” and “Noor Bibi”. Then, She made her debut with Adnan Khan, Meera, and Mustafa Qureshi in the Pakistani comedy “Shor Sharaba”.

She left the showbiz industry, back because of, living according to the preachings of Islam and, now she is living her life according to the teachings of Sunnah. Truly, Allah makes whom He wills His own.

rabi pirzada rabi pirzada

A post was shared on Rabi Pirzada’s Instagram account, in which she explained the best way to bring glow on your face with their fans and, said that the only way to bring positive aura on the face and heart, comes from worshiping, never lie to anyone, always ask Allah for mercy, not to have hatred and evil thoughts in the heart for others, And seeking purity and honesty in everyone also brings glow to the face.

rabi pirzada
Source: Instagram

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The prior music artist also added that when you purify your soul, your heart becomes completely purified. Individuals, who are not good to us but, when they come out to us, remember our good deeds and, strive to be a better person. May Allah guide us all, amen.

rabi pirzada rabi pirzada

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