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Are You looking to earn money online by Reading Emails online?

Yes, Now a days it is quite simple and possible that by read emails online from your gmail, yahoo or any account by viewing ads you can earn money directly to your account. Once you read those Email ads, you will get paid instantly. So, Let’s talk about one of the high paying site by reading emails. Most of you might heard about Clicks Genie or probably if you already joined this site and not working on it then you are in loss. By reading this article you will get 100% idea that how you can earn money by reading. Therefore let you Email Account Earns money for you for Free. Let’s Start, You can find the Registration link of Clicks Genie at the end of the article or you can see by scrolling this article.

Step 1: Registration On Clicks Genie Website

First of all you need to Register or Signup using your active Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail account which you are using every time so that it is easy for you to read emails whenever it is arrived in your box. After Registration Check you email account to verify your email address.

Step 2: Important Settings in your personal Account

After successfully creating account on Clicks Genie site you need to do some settings in settings tab i.e. you need to add your Payeer Account Wallet Address. Click here to Watch Video Is you don’t have or want to create Payeer Wallet Account.

Step 3: How To Gain Referrals & Earn Commission from them?

So here is difficult question for most of user that every one is not capable or ability to attract or make referrals. You shall be good enough in your work that you can convince others to join your team to earn commissions from them. All you need copy referral link from your Clicks genie Account and share it on social media platforms like facebook pages/groups, whatsapp groups and you have many other options.

Step 4: How can I get paid to read emails?

Once you have completed first 2 steps you will start getting Emails in your account from only Clicks Genie Account. Only you have to open that Email and click the link given in the email to watch the ad which will be less than 1 minute, and you will get paid instantly to your account. Click here Join Now

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When I will receive Emails to earn money? It will often happens that you will get 10 emails a day or sometimes you might not get any email to view ads. Is paid to read email legit? Yes, Of course I am also getting paid every time in my payeer wallet. You can see the video i have posted in this article. What is minimum withdrawal amount? 0.05$ is the minimum withdrawal amount to send in your payeer wallet. All Payments are instant. Do i need to deposit or make investment? No, it depends on you. But clicks Genie is totally free.

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