Read: How A Talented Dr. Sana Ehsan Introduces Pakistan’s First Mobile Pharmacy after not getting any job

Dr. Sana Ehsan
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There is no doubt that Women are the sensitive but strongest creature on Earth. If we talk about Pakistani women, they are exploring their best skills in every field. As country class color or creed do not decide the capability of an individual. The women of our country, are not only intelligent but also very dedicative and hardworking. The name of Dr. Sana Ehsan is on the list of these women. She lives Gulistan-e-Jauhar, Karachi, and is in the field of pharmacy for the last five years.

Due to the lack of resources, Dr. Ehsan faced a tough time getting a job, but nothing positive happened and she dropped the idea of doing the job and she decided to do her own work. The first and foremost important thing to start any business is you need some capital for the investment and she did not have the capital to open a pharmacy, so she started learning how to ride a bike with some money from her father and some of her own savings.

Unable To Find A Job, Dr. Sana Ehsan Introduces Pakistan’s First Mobile Pharmacy

The first step towards success was Dr. Ehsan rides her mobile pharmacy bike on the streets of Karachi. In the beginning, she faced the difficulty of harassment because she was a female biker, but she does not lose hope and continued to work hard.

Unable To Find A Job, Dr. Sana Ehsan Introduces Pakistan’s First Mobile Pharmacy

As a doctor, she has always has a passion for serving and helping Mankind access medical devices and giving them the right guidance on how to use that medicines. People when contacting her not only buy medicines and equipment but also get free delivery and free medical advice.

According to Dr. Ehsan, people in our country who are working in different pharmacies neither have a degree nor training. Whenever People use to buy medicine the unknown of the fact salesman sell them the medicine without giving them proper guidance which results in the chance of risk of an individual. Therefore in order to minimize that risk change is required and that first step of change is taken by the talented and hardworking women, Dr. Sana Ehsan who sets an example for the whole society.

Meet Dr. Sana Ehsan

By the time many things have improved in Pakistan. Talented and brave women like Dr. Sana are working hard to proving the world that they can do serve the humanity very well by their good deeds.

Women’s empowerment is encouraged by a small yet significant portion of society . This moral support gives an strength to those women who want to support their family.  In the list of those inspirational women that are serving the nation and supporting their family is also Haya Faisal.

Haya use to give pick and drop services to the female in karachi. At the beginning many tried to cheat her, because she was very young and not experienced, but after suffering a lot she decided to learn driving and started a pick-and-drop service. This was the first step to her success. Hence, Faisal started her own pick-and-drop service in Karachi only for women.

In the list of women’s empowerment in Pakistan the name of Zahida Kazmi can not be forgotten.  She is the 53-year-old women who drives taxi and gives pick and drop services to the female. Government and society must encourage these women who are trying to improve their financial or economic crises.

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