Read: How Sanam Chaudhry left showbiz and turn towards Allah

Sanam Chaudhry Quits Showbiz & Turn Towards Allah
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Sanam Chaudhry is a successful name in the world of the Pakistani showbiz industry, Recently the talented actress turned towards Allah. For this start and change, some questions are answered by her in which she disclosed that what is the main reason for leaving the showbiz industry.

A day before her birthday Chaudhry shares her decision of leaving showbiz and embracing her spiritual path. In a clip, she shared that how her family is happy with her decision and similarly congratulated and supported her in this good start of embracing her spiritual journey.

Sanam Chaudhry Quits Showbiz & Turn Towards Allah
Image: Instagram

The famous drama serial Mere Meherbaan actress also removed all her past shared pictures and videos from her Instagram profile as well. She only left a few pictures of her nikah ceremony. An amazingly her Instagram character description now reads as,

“A Muslim mother who is learning Islam, the deen of our creator Allah”

Later this week, she came live from her Instagram account and answered a few questions which have been asked by her fans and followers regarding her this sacred journey.

Sanam Chaudhry Quits Showbiz & Turn Towards Allah
Image: Instagram

The actress also wrote a Hadith which is really near and dear to her she said that:

‘Among you is the best who learns Quran and spreads its message’,”

she further said.

“As you people, all know that as I was on a roller coaster ride. I was known to be one of the famous actresses and my career was at its peak. I was very successful and I won many awards. In short, I have everything that I needed in my life and everything was perfect and great in my life the only thing I was searching for was peace. Although I have everything even I got married and had a baby but there was no peace in my life which I was looking for I was still not satisfied.”

The Period Of Self-Recognization

Now, this was the process when she started to realize, as the actress stated above that her career was at its peak so she states that:

“As I was continuously in touch with producers and getting many offers i didnot said No for an answer. Suddenly one day I realized that this is not my way, I needed family and I got it, I was worried that if I start working again it would distract me.”

Sanam Chaudhry Quits Showbiz & Turn Towards Allah
Image: Instagram

“After reading Chapter 2, I felt a lovely connection to Quran and I thought that Quran is talking to me, and it was the point that I turned towards Allah. The process of self-realization and fulfillment of my own potential now began, and I found myself.”

She further said,

“In an Instagram post, I also confessed that it was difficult for me to wear Hijab, but later realized that I was so wrong and then I returned to Islam in order to please my creator Allah the One and Only.”

So, friends watch her complete live session:

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The gorgeous actress is known for her marvelous and brilliant performance in various and famous drama serials such as Ghar titli ka par, Aasmanon Pay Likha, Shiza, Mere Meherbaan, and Ishq Hamari Galiyon Mein, etc. We really wish her all the best for the way towards Allah, she has chosen.
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